Regardless of the quilt cover or cushion colour, at the end of the day a good pillow is the difference between blissful slumber and a night of tossing and turning. Manchester Warehouse provide a wide range of premium pillows that offer both superior comfort and support. With choices of feather and down,  bamboo pillows,  memory foam, latex pillows  and more, there is a pillow for everybody. We offer a range of sizes from a small kids pillow to a large European pillow size, including the standard pillow, king size pillows, u shape, European pillows, plus body and contour pillows.

Whether it’s Jaspa or Tontine, the best pillows are the ones that match your sleeping style. Choose a high profile for a side sleeper and a medium profile for a back sleeper. Save those low profile pillows for children and stomach sleepers. You can also opt for contour,  everyday or commercial pillows. A memory foam pillow can function as a multipurpose pillow if you like to change it up when you sleep.

We stock Ardor Home, Hilton Hotel Collection,  White Eider  and Tontine pillows, among other top brands, and our comfortable pillows range from u shaped pillows for extra support to colourful throw pillows to decorate your bed. When thinking about decorating, consider our most loved styles: floral, geometric and bohemian. The best pillow is the one that suits your needs, so don’t rush shopping for pillows online and take the time to find your perfect fit.

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