Monochrome – black, white, greys, creams and silver provide beautiful ways to add class and refinement to any room in your home. This mature style of decorating is timeless and easy to maintain.

A big impact for small rooms

The monochrome decorating style works well in small rooms. Use expanses of white walls to bounce light and make the room appear larger, while adding darker hued pieces, like a quilt cover, throw rug or hammock swing as grounding. If you are starting off married life in a small bedroom and like monochrome, you may even want to consider a monochrome wedding theme.

Black is a good choice for a formal look, but too much of it can overpower any space. Stick to black accents through accessories like pillows, artwork, picture frames, side tables and chairs. Otherwise, an oversized central black piece or slab may become the ruling overlord of your room, spoiling the impact.

Monochrome in large rooms

This clean, classic colour scheme is refined, elegant and dramatic but take care of it can also feel cold, especially in a large room.

To break up the high contrast, try playing with texture and patterns to keep things lively. For example, if your signature piece is a black sofa, toss on some fun patterned decorative cushions or faux fur pillows or throws for richer interest. In bedrooms, a layered combination of black and white solids, stripes, patterns or silvery highlights, such as in cheeky cushions, create the perfect focal point in any monochrome-styled bedroom.

To break things up further, try adding a striking wallpaper design to one focal wall, change curtains, or throw a rug on the floor. Pairing blacks and whites with metallic textures is a striking way to compliment this colour scheme. Throw in mirrors, stainless steel or pewter tables as perfect accents to a black and white room for added sparkle and glamour.

Balance and contrast

Ultimately, in monochrome decorating, your aim is for a calm balance between high contrasts that maintain indoor brightness. This can be achieved by keeping ceiling, walls and the majority of furniture white or cream while highlighting the overall scheme with darker hues and patterns.

If you’re set on this style, but stuck for inspiration, choose a statement piece as your focal point and simply decorate around it. It could be an item of furniture, a charcoal feature wall or a bold monochrome rug. Keep proportion in mind so large centres of colour don’t overwhelm the matching accessories or linen item you add to the decor.

Professionals use a statement furniture item in each room. It’s easy to dress a sofa, dining table or your bed with black and white linen accessories to get this bold look right.