Our 2018 Autumn collection just launched, and we know you’re going to love it! What to expect? Think sophisticated, modern, and truly unisex with the perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements. It’s everything you need to create a total sanctuary that you’ll love escaping to every night.

So what sort of things are trending this season? We’re so glad you asked! Three of the hottest elements on show are:



Geometric shapes are everywhere in this Autumn bedding range, from bold nautical stripes and chunky zig-zagging chevron, to subtle diamond patterns, right through to eye-catching lattice shapes. Whether you like your patterns quiet or loud, you’ll find a geometric design to match in this collection.

If geometrics are your thing, check out designs like Hunter Navy, Marley Musk, and Octagonal Lattice Ink.

Octagonal Lattice
Octagonal Lattice



With an Autumn range taking you through to the chilly nights of Winter, you want to see bedding that is warm, cosy and inviting. Texture is one of the most effective ways to achieve this feel. This season, you’ll see plenty of lush, textured fabrics like velvet and chenille, as well as cotton that has been rippled to add texture. You won’t be able to resist running your hands over these rich materials, and coupling them with silk or cotton sheets will create contrasting sensations for a heightened sense of luxury.

If texture is what you’re missing in the bedroom, check out designs like Parker Mineral, Grayson Cadet, and Octagonal Lattice Ink.

Florence Broadhurst Carnation Quilt Cover Set Range Denim
Linen House Arabella Quilt Cover Set Range Multi



This Autumn, it’s all about contrast, with light and dark shades everywhere. We’ve got navy and other blues, grey, and charcoal alongside white, silver and gold: lots of neutral shades that mix and match with your existing linen beautifully. Whether you’re drawn to the light or the dark (or our favourite - a combination of the two!), you’ll find your match here.

If you’re looking for some contrast in your life, check out designs like Massimo Black, Tristan White, and Parker Mineral.

Davinci Massimo Quilt Cover Set Range Black
Aura Chambray Quilt Cover Set Range Fringe Blush
Aura Eclipse Quilt Cover
Linen House Clarke Quilt Cover Set
Linen House Deluxe Velvet Quilt Cover Set Range Duvet Navy
Davinci Mancini Quilt Cover Set Range Smoke
 Private Collection Tristan Quilt Cover Set Range White
Private Collection Tyler Quilt Cover Set Range Silver

This Autumn collection is a world of opposites: lights and darks, cottons and velvets. You’ll find some of the most ornate bedding designs (check out Massimo Black and Octagonal Lattice Ink) as well as some of the most beautiful minimalist pieces (like Tristan White and Grayson Cadet). Somehow, though, it all works together, and there’s truly something for everyone!

Have we got your attention yet? Thought so! You can check out our full Autumn collection on site now. Brands include Logan & Mason, Platinum, Ultima, Private Collection, Florence Broadhurst, Davinci, Linen House and Aura. We stock a range of sizes, from single right through to Super King, and all the accessories you need to create the bedroom of your dreams.