Our Autumn 2018 collection is here, and we love seeing others as inspired as we are by the beautiful range in stock. We’ve collaborated with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign to bring you styling inspiration and tips from the collection. Chontelle is an Australian interior designer with an eye for detail and a talent for transforming houses into homes.

Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign

Chontelle styled this collection using a range of different products and brands from our collection, demonstrating just how well different items can work together to achieve a cohesive look.
This bed features the following products:

Collaboration with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign
Collaboration with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign

The key to this bedroom look is texture and layers that demonstrate luxury and comfort. This is created through a series of contrasts, including:

  • Different sizes and shapes of cushions - The variety of shapes and sizes creates layers which guide the eye through the space and add interest to the bed. It adds a little bit of height to balance the size of the mattress, and makes the bed look full and inviting.
  • Different colours - Different colours work into one colour palette that sets the mood. Burgundy and white cushions break up the pink of the bed linen to create structure and interest, as well as making the pink pop thanks to the power of contrast. In the neutral environment, the bed is allowed to take centre stage and draw all our attention.
  • Different textures - All the different materials present contrast to show off the features of each. Meanwhile, the physical textures play against one another: the luxe fabrics of the bed linen and the bedhead are perfect next to glass light fittings, smooth timber bedside tables and the natural texture of the flowers and sea sponge that are used as decoration.
All these levels of contrast create a feast for the senses but keeping within a unified colour palette stops it from being overwhelming or too much. The final look is sophisticated and modern, perfectly balanced for a feel of opulence and serenity.

This selection is perfect for the cooler months, with both the pink and burgundy colour palette and the rich fabrics - velvets, suede, and furs - bringing warmth to the room and creating a cosy retreat from the chilly weather.

Collaboration with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign
Collaboration with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign
Collaboration with Chontelle Samios from Elle’s Indesign

Have you got your hands on any pieces from our Autumn collection yet? How are you styling them? Have you incorporated texture and contrast for true luxury? If not, hopefully Chontelle’s work has been the inspiration you need to start today.

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