How Super King Bedding Can Give You a Better Night's Sleep (Even if You Only Have a King Size Bed)

 GBLH - Adalina Black

What is super king bedding?

Super-king bedding is the largest bedding size available in Australia, and there are two main uses for it:

  • For use on a super king bed - super king beds are the largest available, measuring 203cm x 203cm, but this is still not a standard size in Australia and super king beds are rarely seen. We do, however, offer products designed to fit super king mattress sizes for those who do have one of these.
  • For use on a king size bed - a king size bed is 183cm x 203cm and is typically considered the largest standard bed size in Australia. Top of bed bedding like super king doona is ideal for use on king size beds because we always recommend upsizing your doona.


Why upsize your doona?

Regardless of what size your bed is, we suggest choosing a doona in the next size up. That means we recommend a queen size doona for a double bed, a king size doona for a queen bed, and a super king size doona for a king bed. We also recommend this term when choosing a quilt covers a king quilt covers for a queen bed, a queen quilt covers for a double bed and so on. This allows for extra coverage on both sides of your bed. For example, a king size doona is 245cm x 210cm, while a super king doona is 270cm x 240cm. That extra 25cm on the width and 30cm on the length can make a world of difference!

There are a number of benefits to upsizing your doona, such as:

  • Allowing for an extra overhang or drop to completely cover your mattress and offer a luxurious appearance
  • Giving you the option to tuck your doona in under your mattress to keep it in place or just for a sleek look
  • Helping you to avoid a tug of war over the doona if you share your bed
  • Allowing you to avoid a cold breeze coming in the side of your quilt or down the middle between you and your partner. 

All in all, a larger doona looks better and helps keep you far more comfortable overnight.

Recommended products

We stock a wide range of premium super king products, so if you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom, consider some of the following.

Super king size top of bed items (for either king or super king bed)

These items are all suitable for either a super king bed or for a king size bed, if you want the benefits of upsizing. 

Super king quilt

HD - Superloft Quilt

Super king quilt come in a full range of different compositions to suit your needs, including wool, feather, cotton, synthetic, and cotton bamboo mix. They are available as seasonal or all year round quilts depending on your climate. If you’re looking for an all-seasons super king doona, we recommend our Woolstar or Puradown offerings.


Super king quilt covers

PC - Menzies Silver

We stock over 120 different designs of super king quilt covers from a range of leading brands. A super king quilt cover is 270cm x 240cm in size. If you’re not sure where to start, consider two of our most popular super king duvet cover brands.

  • The Private Collection Range - these Sheridan super king quilt covers are a beautiful white with a vertical self stripe. They feature a subtle woven pattern of matte and sateen threads, made from 1200THC superior long staple cotton. This doona cover is hotel weight, ultra luxurious with superb hand feel and finish.
  • The Logan and Mason Lifestyle and Logan and Mason Platinum ranges - Logan and Mason offers both one-off prints (for example, Casablanca Red) but also stocks timeless ongoing ranges like their Ascot waffle weave and Essex collections. Both their core items and on trend season fashion prints are easy care and machine washable. Each design comes as part of a set with two standard pillowcases. Logan and Mason super king quilt covers are premium quality and will stand the test of time.


Super king coverlets

MM Linen - Aviana White

A super king coverlet or comforter is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to thread a quilt into a quilt cover, and is a popular choice in warmer climates or for use in summer. We stock over twenty different designs from brands like Classic Quilts, MM Linen, and Bianca. Dimensions vary from supplier to supplier but super king coverlets are roughly 280cm x 260cm. Coverlets are also convenient because they can be washed in your washing machine without worrying about washing a quilt and quilt cover separately.


Super king bedspreads

MM Linen - Laundered Linen White Bed Spread

Super king bedspreads in Australia are not very common, but can be a great choice if you like a simple, all-in-one solution to your bed linen and like the relaxed look of an oversized throw-over style bedspread. We recommend the MM Linen throw over style bedspreads, which can work for either a king size bed or a super king. While the designs tend to be plainer rather than floral or patterned, there is a range to choose from. Super king bedspreads are typically 315cm wide x 270 cm long.

Fitted super king bedding (for a super king mattress)

These bedding items will only fit a super king size bed, and are not designed for use on a standard king size bed.


Super king mattress protectors

Bianca - Comfortin Cotton Mattress Protector

We recommend the Bianca Comfort in Cotton super king mattress protector, which features a 50cm fitted skirt to fit a pillow top or pillow top and bottom mattress. Its Ultrafresh treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites which makes it ideal for allergy sufferers.


Super king mattress toppers

Indulgence - Luxury 2000 gsm Mattres Stopper

The Bianca Relax Right mattress topper is the ideal choice. Made from synthetic fibres, you will feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This is perfect for adding extra comfort to an old mattress to give you a better night’s sleep without a big investment. This super king mattress topper is 1000GSM in weight and filled with pure microfibre, featuring a soft cotton Japara top fabric. Box stitch quilting, ensures an even distribution of fill even after years of use.


Super king electric blankets

LHL - Electric Quilted Blanket

The Linen House Lifestyle Electric Quilted Blanket range and the Linen House Lifestyle Electric Wool Blanket range are both available as a super king electric blanket, to keep you toasty all night long. These are premium electric blankets with individual controllers and a range of heat options.


Super king sheets

Bianca - Kingston SS White

We stock both super king fitted sheet and flat sheets, as well as sheet sets that include both. We recommend the Bianca Kingston 500THC cotton sheet set, or the Linen House Lifestyle Hotel Augusta 500 THC Cotton Sateen sheet set. Both are premium, hotel-quality sheets, available in various colours.

If you’re shopping for super king sheets, remember to also consider the depth of the sheet that you need. If you have a pillow top or pillow top and bottom mattress, standard sheets are unlikely to be deep enough. A standard fitted sheet is 38-40cm in depth. For a pillow top mattress you may need 50cm depth (mega sheets), and for a pillow top and bottom you may need 60cm (deluxe sheets).


Super king valances

Linen House - Bedwraps

The super king valance we recommend is actually in a bed wrap style, suitable for a bed and base ensemble. The Linen House Lifestyle Fitted Bedwrap range is fitted with an elasticised top and bottom so you can fit it on the base without removing the mattress. It is available in various colours, and offers a sleek, contemporary look.

Whether you have a king size bed or a super king size bed, the Manchester Warehouse super king range can help you get a good night’s sleep in pure luxury.