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We offer the biggest and best collection of brand name flat bed sheets and entire bed sheet sets, in colours that will complement or contrast your quilt cover set. Bed sheet set come bundled with a flat bed sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase/s. 

If you’re looking for something specific like bamboo cotton sheets and satin sheets, we can help you find them, and if you aren’t sure what you want, we can help point you in the right direction. You can also browse our collection with confidence knowing that every bed sheets listed on our site is of the highest quality.

We offer a wide range of bed sheet styles including soft-touch Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets, crisp cotton percales, thick high thread count cotton bed sheets, luxurious cotton sateen ranges, beautiful linen sheetswarm sheets and flannelette bed sheets or stone-washed bed sheets for winter. Our line even extends to the extra-large, extra luxurious Super King range of bed sheet sets. We also have a standard size range like king single sheet sets or queen bed sheet set. Whether you’re shopping for bed sheets to complement a boho, geometric or floral aesthetic, we have styles you’ll love including luxury sheets. Our sheets for bed come from a range of premium brands: shop our Bambury, Logan and Mason, Linen House and Sheridan bed sheets. Our bed sheets are tested using the most advanced techniques and we proudly stand behind them. We provide a ‘no questions asked’ 12-month full replacement guarantee, with proof of purchase. For all information on Super King products visit our Super King bedding page. With a huge range of bed sheets on sale both online and in our Kogarah NSW store, you are sure to find a range that will exceed your expectations!

Stay updated to check our new bed sheets collection and check out our range of quilts and blankets for the complete bed sheets offer.

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Choosing the perfect bed sheets for you.

When you nestle down into bed for the night, it’s your sheets that are actually touching your skin, so if there’s one way to make your bed feel extra luxurious it’s by investing in some quality sheets. For your love one, sheets could be the perfect gifts as their gifts for home.


While some bedding can be sized up, bed sheets should be bought according to the size of your mattress. That means if you have a single bed you should opt for single sheets and if you have a queen bed, queen sheets are the ideal choice. We have bed sheets for sale in all sizes, including:

For a complete size guide, visit our information page here

It is also important to consider the depth of your mattress for your fitted sheet. Standard sheets are typically 33cm to 40cm deep. These will comfortably fit a standard mattress. If you have a pillow top or a pillow top and bottom mattress however, you may need to consider a deeper fitted sheet. 

The two sizes to fit deeper mattresses are:

  • Mega sheets - These are 50cm deep and will fit a single pillow top mattress.
  • Deluxe sheets - These are 60cm deep and will fit pillow top and bottom mattresses.

To ensure that the bed sheets you buy and love are the right fit for your bed, you may need to purchase a mega king size sheet set, instead of just a king size sheet set. Remember to always check the sizing under the product description before purchasing, to ensure that variations in sizing standards between brands don’t get in the way of your good night’s sleep.




1000 thread count sheets

1000 thread count sheets are extremely popular, however there are two different price points in this thread count: a cotton option and a ‘cotton rich’ option. ‘Cotton rich’ means polyester cotton, which is a way to make these sheets less expensive while still having a higher thread count.

If you’re looking for 1000 thread count sheets, we recommend the Private Collection Supima 1000THC Cotton Mega Sheet Set Range. These are 100% cotton 1000 thread count sheets. They offer a heavy feel with beautiful luster and touch.


Bamboo sheets

Bamboo is a hypoallergenic fabric, and doesn’t need a high thread count to achieve that soft and silky feel. Bamboo cotton is sustainable and naturally sourced. It has high breathability and is moisture wicking for your comfort. If you’re looking for bamboo sheets, we recommend the Armidayle Bamboo Eco 400THC Cotton Sheet Range, or the Linen House Lifestyle Nara 400THC Bamboo Cotton Mega Sheet Set Range.


Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton makes for a soft and crisp feeling sheet. We recommend the Logan and Mason Platinum Hotel Grande 400THC Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set Range for a soft and durable sheet set for everyday use, available in a range of colours.


Flannelette sheets

Flannelette sheets, sometimes called flannel sheets, are typically used in winter. These are a weighted product, measured as grams per square meter (GSM) rather than thread count.


Microfibre sheets

Microfibre sheets are a polyester blend, ideal for commercial use like in Airbnbs or Stayz rentals. They are budget-friendly and durable, able to hold up to regular laundering. We recommend the Bambury Commercial Chateau Polyester Cotton Sheet Range.


Sateen sheets

Sateen sheets are not satin, but are a cotton that is made soft, silky and smooth through the weave. We recommend the Linen House Lifestyle Hotel Augusta 500THC Cotton SateenSheet Range.


Hotel sheets

Hotel sheets need to be comfortable but also suitable for high volume turnover and constant laundering. We recommend the Actil First Line Cotton Sheet Set Range.


Luxury sheets

Any high thread count, high end sheet sets would qualify as a luxury sheet, but linen sheets are the most popular luxury option at the moment. While these aren’t the sort of sheets you’d find in a hotel, they are luxurious, premium sheets. Our most popular choice are the Bambury French Linen Mega Sheet Set Range.


Colour palette

We stock sheets in a huge range of colours. The most popular are:

Considering country bedding look, we recommend to choose bright colours or pastels.


We have sheets in a range of leading brands, such as:

 You can also check selection range of Linen house brand.



What is the difference between a fitted sheet and a flat sheet?

When making up your perfect bed, it is necessary to consider your perfect bedding combination, and that may include one or both kinds of bed sheet. The two types of bed sheet are a fitted sheet which has elasticated corners that are designed to be pulled over a mattress to ensure a snug, secure fit, and a flat sheet which is a simple rectangular sheet of fabric, that is designed to lie flat on top of the fitted sheet. 

Traditionally, fitted sheets or bottom sheets used to cover and protect the mattress, and are the sheets that lie directly on top of when you are sleeping. Depending on season and personal preference you may also place a fitted sheet over a combination of mattress protector or mattress cover, underlays or matress topper and electric blankets in addition to your mattress. Also, if you are having trouble folding and storing your fitted sheet, see our top tips here


What kind of bed sheets are the best for sleep?

Your choice of bed sheets will be unique to you based on many preferences, such as texture, warmth, and any allergies you may have. The universally recommended bed sheets that are a staple for many include both cotton and linen bed sheets, which are breathable and cosy, although any premium natural fibres will always provide great comfort.

How often should you wash your sheets?

While there are some who wash their bed sheets weekly, others can get away with washing them every two weeks. For example, if you're a sweaty sleeper, you should wash them more frequently to prevent any bacteria from building up and causing irritation. On the other hand, if the climate is cool and moisture is minimal, two weeks minimum is ideal.

Do you need a flat sheet as well as a fitted sheet?

For some sleepers, the flat sheet is an essential part of the bedding set and they wouldn’t sleep without them but for others, the addition of a flat bed sheet creates more folding and manual work when making the bed. 

The decision depends on personal taste, where if you find it easier to wash and change a flat sheet more often, rather than frequently washing your doona cover, and if you love the way a flat sheet looks with your bedding, then a top sheet is a must have. Flat bed sheets are also useful for the summer months in place of a blanket, as this helps to regulate body temperature during warmer nights. 

If you find it too much of a hassle to fold and tuck the corners of a flat sheet while making your bed, or if you find that having an extra layer in addition to your quilt and quilt cover is making you too warm, leave it out. Lucky for you, at Manchester Warehouse we are accommodating. In addition to selling separate bed sheets, we also provide combo sets, which contain a fitted sheet and pillowcase/s, and sheet sets, with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase/s, so no matter what you need for your bed, we have you covered. 


What is the best thread count on sheets?

A higher thread count is commonly associated with higher quality fabrics, as it is thought to make the bed sheets softer and more durable, when in truth, other factors like the weave and quality of the fibre are more important. Thread count is the total number of threads per square inch of fabric, and therefore, thread count is all about personal preference for the weight and feel of the sheets. If you like a heavier sheet, a higher thread count option may be preferable for you. 

Thread count has nothing to do with the breathability, comfort, or softness of the fabric so when considering the right bed sheets for your restful sleep, think about the texture and temperature that is cosiest for you. A 400 thread count sheet could be softer and more breathable than a 1000 thread count sheet, as the length of the yarn and the composition of the fabric on the 1000 thread count sheet may be different.

Breathability comes down to what the sheet is made from. A sheet made from cotton would have more breathability than a sheet made from polyester even if they were the same thread count. Softness and comfort also rely on the type of yarn, rather than how many threads there are. For example, a bed sheet that is constructed from 100% bamboo fibre will be much softer and slipperier than a 100% cotton sheet, even if they are the same thread count. Fortunately for you, we stock a wide range of sheets with various compositions, thread counts and weaves, so you will be sure to find your perfect sleeping match. 

Buy sheets online or King single sheet sets with confidence at Manchester Warehouse. We ship our range of bed sheets Australia, cushions, throw blankets, flat sheet and Sheridan sheets wide, so whether you’re shopping for bed sheets in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or beyond, you know it will be affordable to get your new sheet bed to you. 

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