Blankets are more than just cosy retreats during a chilly winter night - they are a fundamental element of your home's aesthetic. At Manchester Warehouse, we offer a diverse range of exquisite blankets designed to provide comfort for the entire family. Whether it's our luxuriously thick plush wool blankets, perfect for fending off the cold, or our lightweight cotton blankets that offer breathability for spring and autumn transitional seasons, finding the perfect blanket depends on your preference, intended use, and the season.

These versatile pieces can add an extra layer of charm when draped over sofas, provide warmth for your little ones, or serve as an elegant accent when tossed across the foot of your bed. They impeccably marry style and practicality. Our blankets cater to all bed sizes, and for those with king-sized beds, remember to explore our range of Super King blankets for an elevated sense of luxury.

If our plush blankets don't quite satiate your need for warmth, we've got you covered. Have a look at our selection of electric blankets, polar fleece blankets, or even our classic wool blankets. Need a throw rug to banish the winter chill from your feet? Our stylish throw rugs are the perfect companions for a cozy evening paired with a mug of hot chocolate.

For a seamless shopping experience and assistance in choosing the perfect blanket for your needs, feel free to explore our dedicated Blanket page.

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Choose the right blanket for your bed.

Blankets are a fantastic addition to your bed. Not only do they provide an extra layer of warmth, but they also give your bedroom a cozy touch. Whether you're searching for bed blankets or a throw blanket, our collection at Manchester Warehouse will have something to suit your needs.


Sizes And Types Of Blankets

At Manchester Warehouse, we offer an extensive range of blankets to suit every need and every bed size. Our offerings range from cot blankets, king size blanket to super king bed blankets, ensuring we cater to everyone's needs. However, we suggest selecting a blanket that matches your mattress size unless you prefer some extra overhang or tucked-in warmth. For quick warmth or a cozy wrap on the sofa, the hooded blankets are the perfect option.


Colours And Styles Of Blankets

Discover warmth and comfort with our blankets, subtly designed to enhance your decorative bedding. Explore our diverse range and find the perfect piece to reflect your style. Our blankets come in an extensive colour palette, catering to every mood or decor theme. With hues varying from serene neutrals for a calming effect, to vibrant blues, pinks, and bold black for a dash of personality, our collection promises a match for everyone. Immerse yourself in our rainbow of options and find a blanket that is not just a comfort essential but also a reflection of your personal style.


How To Choose The Right Blanket For You

Selecting a blanket involves considering factors such as seasonal needs, allergies, desired size, or style preference. Whether you're looking for a warm winter blanket, a breathable summer blanket, or an all-seasons blanket, our extensive blanket range has got you covered.


Summer Blankets And All Seasons Blankets

The most popular fabrics for summer blankets are natural fibres like wool and cotton. Both materials are breathable and have excellent temperature regulation properties, making them perfect for the summer season and the varying Australian climate.


Winter Blankets

Our collection includes a variety of warm winter blankets in different compositions. For instance, we stock wool blankets, which are both warm and breathable, making them great for both summer and winter. If you're on a budget, our Polar fleece blankets are an excellent choice for warmth and durability. Our mink blankets and plush blankets are perfect options for a soft touch and ample warmth.


Electric Blankets

An electric blanket can provide extra warmth when you need it most. From basic heat settings to smart electric blankets programmable to preheat to a certain temperature at a specific time, we offer a variety of options to suit everyone's needs.




What are the most warm blankets?

For the utmost warmth during chilly nights, a variety of blankets come to mind. Wool blankets are renowned for their natural insulation yet provide breathability. Lightweight fleece blankets offer a surprising amount of coziness, while down blankets radiate luxurious warmth. Electric blankets cater to individualised heat levels, and Sherpa blankets, imitating authentic sheep's wool, ensure comfort and warmth. Microfiber blankets stand out as soft, warm options, particularly for those with allergies. Ultimately, the warmest blanket for you aligns with your unique needs and preferences, ensuring comfort and coziness all night long.


What is the best blanket to keep bed warm?

If your aim is to keep your bed warm throughout the night, the electric blanket stands out as a top choice. It's equipped with adjustable heat settings, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long. Electric blankets also pre-warm your bed before you sleep, creating an inviting, cozy environment. Alternatively, wool and down blankets are great choices for their high insulation properties, trapping heat effectively. Microfiber blankets, soft and warm, are great for those with allergies.


What kind of blankets to wear in summer?
During the summer months, the best blankets are those that are lightweight and breathable to avoid overheating. Cotton blankets are excellent for summer because they are light, airy, and allow for good ventilation. Similarly, bamboo blankets are great for their breathability and moisture-wicking properties. These features make bamboo blankets an excellent choice for keeping you cool during warm nights. Muslin blankets, known for their ultra-breathable fabric, are another popular summer choice. Microfiber blankets, though warm, can be lightweight enough for summer usage, offering the comfort of a blanket without the excess heat.