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If you’re shopping for a mattress online, you will definitely need a mattress protector to go with it. Sleep well at night knowing you have premium quality mattress and pillow protectors on your bed. Mattress protectors are available in a large range of sizes from single to super king, and pillow protectors are available in standard and king sizes. Browse beautifully quilted premium cotton and bamboo compositions from luxury brands like Bianca and Essentially Home Living for the protector that is right for you. Whether it’s synthetic materials that you need to combat allergies, or a waterproof mattress protector for one of your little tots, Manchester Warehouse has everything you need. 

If you’re unsure of your mattress dimensions when shopping online and need a standard Australian mattress sizing chart, ours is available free on our website. We also have comprehensive information available on Super King linen. Enjoy $9.95 flat rate shipping for all orders Australia wide. Check out our range of sheets, linen sheets, mattress coverand mattress toppers.

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Choosing the right protectors for your bed.

You want your bed to stand the test of time, and selecting various bed protectors will help keep it safe from wear and tear and extend its life. Mattress protectors are the most common choice of protector to give your mattress protection, but pillow protectors and quilt protectors are also available. Browse our range today to find the perfect solution for you.


Mattress protectors are available in all standard bed sizes. This includes:

Mattress protectors are also available in specialty sizing, including:

Mainstream sizes will have the most range to choose from, while specialty sizes may only be available in one range.

Types of mattress protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors are most popular in cot, single, king single and double bed sizes, for babies and children. However people of all ages can have need of waterproof mattress protector or benefit from the peace of mind they bring, so they are available in all bed sizes. 

Although our waterproof mattress protectors are plastic backed, they are not crinkly and don’t make noise, so you will be able to rest easy without any disturbance. 

We stock some of the best waterproof mattress protectors in Australia. Some of our recommended products include:

  • Alastairs Bamboo Waterproof Range - This protector is available in all sizes and is made from bamboo which makes it breathable, perfect for all year around use.
  • Hilton Deluxe Waterproof Range - This protector features a plastic backing topped with terry towelling for comfort. 
  • Hiccups Oopsy Sheet - This product is a waterproof panel that goes on top of the fitted sheet on a kids bed. It is designed for kids who have nighttime accidents, and can be placed across the bed or run down the bed from top to bottom. Because it is on top of the fitted sheet, clean ups are simple. 

Allergy-Friendly mattress protectors

If you have allergies, it is best to choose a mattress protector made from natural fibres like bamboo or cotton. Browse our full range of bamboo mattress and pillow protectors for more options.

Some of our recommended allergy-friendly mattress protectors for sale include:

  • Hilton Deluxe Bamboo Breath Easy Range - This mattress topper features bamboo fill and a premium cotton cover, natural fibres are best for those with allergies. 
  • Hilton Deluxe Cotton Range - Featuring cotton outer and fill, this mattress protector is made from 100% hypoallergenic natural fibres. 
  • Bambury Mite Guard Range - This is a different kind of product, featuring a thin, mesh-like, breathable fabric which is designed specifically to protect against dust mites and prevent allergies. It is an envelope protector, which means you slide your mattress into the protector and zip it up at the end, rather than just fitting it to the top of the mattress, which protects it from all sides. This range is also available in pillow protectors and quilt protectors, to offer you full protection from allergy-causing mites and dust. 

Quilted mattress protectors

Most mattress protectors are quilted for your comfort, however specialty products like waterproof mattress protectors and mite guard protectors are not quilted due to the way they function. 

Commercial mattress protectors

Commercial mattress protectors must be durable and cost effective. There are two products that are popular for commercial use:

Premium mattress protectors

Some of our higher end mattress protectors are the Hilton Deluxe Bamboo Breath Easy range and the Hilton Deluxe Cotton range. Both are made from 100% natural fibres, and are fully fitted with a 38cm wall to fit most standard mattresses. The Hilton Deluxe Cotton range, however, offers the option to size up to Mega Queen and Mega King to get a generous 50cm deep wall that will fit pillow top and bottom mattresses.

Pillow protectors

Pillow protectors help extend the life of your pillows and keep them clean. We offer pillow protectors in multiple sizes, including:

Our recommended products for standard pillows include:

Quilt protectors

A quilt protector is a specialty product, and is usually only used by those with allergies.  We stock the Bambury Mite Guard quilt protector. The quilt goes inside this protector, which then zips up, and you can then put your quilt cover over the top of it. The protector is designed to keep mites and dust out of the quilt, and is available up to super king size. It can be paired with matching pillow protectors and a mattress protector from the same range for full protection.


What if I’m a hot sleeper?

If you are prone to overheating, the best mattress covers or protectors will be ones made from natural fibres like bamboo or cotton. Steer away from polyester protectors where possible.

Does a mattress protector make the bed hotter?

Depending on the type of bedding protector you use and its cover material, it may or may not increase the temperature of your bed. Other factors can contribute to how hot it gets as well, including your natural body and room temperature.

Can you wash a mattress protector?

Our mattress protectors are fully washable. For information on how to wash your mattress protector, consult the individual product information and follow all instructions. 

Do pillow protectors need to be washed?

If you’re wondering if your pillow protector needs washing, then the answer is yes. You need to get your pillow protectors cleaned regularly, just like you’d get your pillows cleaned. Even though these pillow protectors are made of plastic, they can still get dirty. All of the dirt, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that gets on your pillow before the protector goes on can still get transferred to your protector. So if you want your protector to last longer and be more effective, you need to wash it every couple of weeks.

How often should you wash mattress protectors?

You should wash your mattress protectors as often as required, although the general frequency is every 1-2 months. The climate of where you live, how much you sweat, if you have allergies, or if there are any accidents will determine if your bedding protector needs more regular washing. Be sure to clean it according to the care instructions and maintain a high level of bed protection via your mattress protector.

How long does a pillow protector last?

The lifetime of a pillow protector is a function of how well it is cared for. The average lifetime of a pillow protector is between 1-5 years. Many factors can affect the life of a pillow protector, including: 

1. How frequently it is used 

2. The types of materials used in its construction 

3. The nature of the environment it is used in (hot and humid areas will reduce the life of the pillow protector) The best way to maximize the lifetime of your pillow protector is to follow all of the washing and drying instructions provided with the pillow protector. Use a gentle cycle. 

4. Use warm water and a mild detergent (if needed) 

 5. Do not use chlorine bleach (bleach will break down the waterproof material and make it porous and vulnerable to leaks) 

6. Remove your pillow protector from the dryer immediately and hang it up to dry. 

7. Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets. 

8. The use of a pillow protector will prolong the life of your pillow and ensure that it is thoroughly protected. Hope this helps. Cheers!

At Manchester Warehouse we ship the best mattress protectors or mattress protection Australia wide for one flat rate of just $9.95, so it’s affordable and easy for you to extend the life of your bed. You can also check our king quilt covers and Linen House range.

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