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Plain Dye Textures

Why choose plain quilt covers?

Versatile and timeless - these are the two primary reasons why most opt for textured quilt covers with a more simple look. These monochromatic colours and textured styles have been a trend for decades and will continue to remain a favourite due to their timeless aesthetic, which even bypasses trendy print designs. You can never go wrong with plain quilt covers, especially for a minimalist home.


Comfortable, timelessly beautiful, and meticulously designed, our Plain Dye Textured Quilt Covers make styling and adding comfort to the bedroom easy.

How to choose the best plain dye textured quilt covers?

Consider the colour palette of your bedroom and the surrounding decor before you choose your plain quilt covers. Another wonderful feature of this style is that you can layer particular colours together on the bed for contrasts and textured effects. Manchester Warehouse stocks a large colour/design selection, including ochre orange, sugar-white, blush pink, slate grey, eucalyptus green, and more. No matter what you choose, their longevity in style will guarantee they will be a cherished part of the bedroom for many years to come. For a full view of our other designs, browse our complete Quilt Covers range.

How to wash plain dye textured quilt covers?

Plain and/or textured quilt covers give you a more simplified experience when it comes to laundry due to their plain style, but take great care when pairing certain colours together. We suggest a warm, gentle machine wash with only similar colours and a normal spin, followed by line drying in the shade. Never dry clean, soak, bleach, or tumble dry, but be sure to check the brand's guidelines to confirm.