Quilt Covers and Doona Covers

Doona covers, also known as quilt covers or duvet cover, largely influence the overall look and tone of your room. They are an easy and inexpensive way to restyle your bedroom at a moment’s notice. If you’re reading this because you’re sick of your current quilt cover, you’ve come to the right place. Manchester Warehouse has a superior range of quilt and doona covers at competitive prices, from our selection of brands like Ardor home quilt cover sets,  Sheridan, Private CollectionLinen House Lifestyle, and Laura Ashley came in various colours from black quilt covers or pink quilt covers in many sizes from king quilt covers to super king quilt covers, available at outlet prices. Pure luxury that doesn't break the bank.

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A quilt covers Australia not only protects your quilt or doona to help it last longer, it is an opportunity to set the style and tone for your bedroom. Whether you opt for a bold pattern or prefer a more neutral colour palette, your doona cover offers comfort alongside self-expression. 


We offer quilt covers and doona covers in all sizes, including:

We always recommend choosing a doona or quilt that is a size larger than your mattress. That means a queen quilt cover for a double bed, and so on. This ensures you have plenty of overhang, which not only looks luxurious but also ensures if you have two people in the bed you aren’t fighting over the doona or letting cold air in anywhere. If you have followed this advice and sized up, don’t forget to buy your quilt covers a size up as well! That means for your queen bed, it should be king size quilt cover.


Colour Palette

We carry doonas in a full range of colours. Some of the most popular colour palettes we sell include:

The right colours for you will depend on your preferences and the colour scheme of your bedroom.


Style and Trend

With over 450 different quilt cover and doona covers designs currently on site, we have something for every taste, trend and style. Some of the most popular styles we sell include:


Kids and Teenage Styles

We stock a range of kids quilt covers such as dinosaur quilt covers, truck quilt covers, and animal quilt covers. New ranges come out each season, with around three designs aimed at girls, three aimed at boys, and one more unisex or neutral option.

Our most popular quilt covers for teens are our plain designs. These offer a great base for teens to decorate their own space in line with their interests by mixing it up with cushions and other accessories. This might be as simple as picking out throws and cushions in their favourite colours or patterns, or it might be a cushion from their favourite band or tv show. Buying a good quality quilt cover in a plain style means it will last for years while leaving them the freedom to explore their changing tastes, rather than buying those cool quilt covers now that they might not like in a few months time.


Luxury Quilt Covers

For true premium luxury, we recommend the following products:

These quilt cover or bed cover ranges are all made from premium natural fibres that are super soft, luxurious and offer excellent temperature regulation for your comfort. These are the kinds of quilt covers you find at high end hotels that make you feel like royalty. They are durable and designed to wear well, only becoming softer with time.



We stock a range of leading brands, including:

You can also check selection range of Linenhouse brand.



Is a quilt cover the same as a doona cover?

Yes, ‘quilt cover’ and ‘doona cover’ are just two different ways of saying the same thing. Some people call it a doona, others call it a quilt, and some call it a duvet.


What does a quilt cover set include?

If something on our website just says ‘quilt cover’, it’s just a quilt cover on its own. Anywhere it says ‘quilt cover set’, it means that pillowcase/s are included. A single bed quilt cover set will come with one pillowcase, while double and above will have two pillowcases.


Are linen quilt covers good?

Linen quilt covers are all the rage, and for good reason! They are both functional and beautiful, made from all natural fibres which are breathable, durable and soft. They are typically not printed, and are very basic in colour. Popular colours include whites, naturals and soft pinks. These make a perfect base to your bed styling, whether you plan to keep everything simple or inject pattern and colour with your pillows, cushions and throws. All of these features make them a great choice for your doona cover..


What is the most comfortable duvet cover?

One of the most important aspects of comfort when it comes to bedding is heat regulation. Cheap quilt covers are typically made from polyester or a polyester blend, which is a synthetic material that does not breathe well and tends to trap warmth. More expensive quilt covers are generally made from natural fibres such as cotton, bamboo or laundered linen. While a polyester might be put together in a way that feels the same as cotton, cotton would be a better, more comfortable choice because of its breathability. For this reason, most people find a cotton quilt covers or laundered linen duvet cover to be the most comfortable. You can also check our range of cotton pillowcases and chair covers.

At Manchester Warehouse we ship quilt cover sets Australia wide for just $9.95 flat rate shipping. That means you can buy quilt covers and doona covers online wherever you are in Australia, whether it be Adelaide, Perth or Melbourne, without fear of being hit with hidden expenses at the checkout.