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Satin Sheets

What are satin sheets?

Satin sheets use a fabric blend comprising cotton, polyester, nylon, or silk. For example, they can be identified by their "glossy" appearance compared to pure cotton sheets. Some consider satin sheets a "hotel quality" style, and therefore, you may often see them in hotels and luxury accommodation. Its elegant and luxurious style fits well into more grand decor schemes due to the glossy sheen.


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Why are satin sheets better?

Not only luxurious but satin bed sheets are also praised for the skin-safe qualities that make them ideal for those with dry or sensitive skin. Satin helps regulate the moisture inside of your skin for a balanced and comfortable experience. Satin sheets can truly help bring that "five-star" hotel quality to any bedroom, whether it be for your home or a professional setting. With this style, you can quickly uplift the mood of a bedroom from dull to pristine. Check out our wide range of bed sheets for more options.

How to wash satin sheets?

Satin bed sheets should be cared for according to the manufacturer's guidelines. However, you will find the typical instructions include a warm machine wash or hand wash, followed by a warm tumble dry. We suggest avoiding any dry cleaning, bleaching, or soaking, and rinse well during the wash for the best outcome. If required, warm iron and you should also wash them separately before the first use to get rid of any excess dyes, for example.