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How can I decorate my bedroom to follow the trend?

Decide the kind of aesthetic you’re looking for, and then determine the various popular trends that most fit your desired ambience. Then, shop and make it your own by mixing and matching different bedding and bedroom décor in any way you want. For a cozy ambience, chenille styles are a perfect option; for something a little more unique, bohemian trends are a great place to start.


After a long day, there’s nothing better than curling up in your cozy bed in a room that you love. Read a book, watch the sunset, and get ready the following day in a room that truly fits your personality. When you’re remodelling your bedroom, use the latest trends to help you figure out what works your vibe.

What are the most popular bed trends?

If you’re looking for the perfect 2021 bed trends to give you the most relaxed and peaceful ambience, bohemian and chenille bedroom design trends are absolutely heavenly. Bohemian bedroom trends provide a modern and dreamy touch through peaceful colours and detailed designs. Chenille bedroom trends are all about elegant solids with a humble and cozy warmth. Manchester Warehouse has a variety of bedding options to help you bring your bohemian or chenille vision to life.

What other trends can I buy in Manchester Warehouse?

In addition to the latest modern trends for adults like Hamptons, Geometric, Floral or even Luxe, Manchester Warehouse has playful and unique prints for kids bedding and décor. Shop various quilt covers, bed sheets, and kids décor.