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Tropical Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best tropical quilt cover for me?

When you’re looking for the right tropical quilt cover, it is best to choose the pops of color that will look great with the rest of your bedroom. Look for different designs available for the size of your bed and pick your favorite ones. Colorful floral patterns or under the sea aesthetics are wonderful design options for tropical quilt covers. Manchester Warehouse carries a unique selection that features a solid color on the reverse side of the quilt for an added decorative touch and more versatile use.


Bring the beach to bed and create your own personal retreat with tropical quilt covers. A tropical quilt cover is the perfect way to bring a vacation-inspired vision to life. Manchester Warehouse features unique tropical designs, like bright botanicals from the tropics, with a solid color on the reverse side of the quilt. Shop our tropical bedding in King or Queen size to indulge in the coastal lifestyle.

How do I decorate my room with tropical quilt covers?

A beach-inspired bedroom is a great way for the sea lover to indulge in their favorite, relaxed and joyful ambiance at home. When you switch to a tropical quilt cover, you may need to add more pops of color to your bedroom for a more complete style. You can add tropical-inspired wall art, or even switch to more rustic furniture. Choosing colorful and abstract patterns for carpeting or curtains is a great way to decorate as well. 

At Manchester Warehouse we stock tropical quilt cover from a range of leading brands in various sizes and colours, you can check our complete quilt covers in case you need more.