5 Duvet Cover Styles That Suit Every Season

Styling your home, and in particular your bedroom can be a daunting task. We often look to new trends, tones & textures appearing across social media for inspiration, and lately, there has been an influx of new terminology associated with home styling. From maximalism, and minimalism, to cottage core, japandi, and dark academia, it's easy to become overwhelmed with finding the perfect style for your home, which will transcend time and remain a personal haven regardless of its current status in a world of two-minute trends.

The key to unlocking your answer requires a little patience, a little introspection, and a little reading of this blog - though feel free to jump to a section that you can already tell resonates with you strongly.


1. Modern & Simple

Image from Days Inspired

Image from The Beauty Revival

 Perhaps the most timeless brand of home styling is to opt for something neat, clean, and most importantly, evenly balanced. Not too much of any one colour, limitation to classic hues, non-seasonal textures, and exclusion of patterns (mostly monochromatic or plain-dye styles, also known as colour blocking.) Patterns that might be included, but sparsely, are classic options, such as checks, stripes or minimalist abstractions, such as one-line art. This is best reserved for people who enjoy a little bit of colour, but still want a balance between space and objects in their home. They need access to certain things for a sense of practicality but also enjoy the visual of a curated aesthetic.

Examples of this home style are:

  • Scandi
  • Mid-century Modern
  • Post-modern
  • Coastal/Hamptons

Quilt Covers that would suit these interior styles:

vintage-design-homewares-sans-sovci-quilt-cover-set-range-ochre, linen-house-lifestyle-farrah-quilt-cover-set-range-vanilla, tommy-bahama-bahamian-quilt-cover-set-range-blue, linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-quilt-cover-set-range-white, linen-house-lifestyle-nara-400thc-bamboo-cotton-quilt-cover-set-range-sky, accessorize-hotel-deluxe-tailored-quilt-cover-set-range-white-and-black


2. Minimal & High-end

Image from Pinterest (Originally from Covet House)

Image from Decorilla

Image from Satin & Slate

For a luxurious, contemporary look, we contrast high-quality pieces with a higher ratio of space. Pieces are typically heirloom quality, and there is a strong absence of visual clutter, particularly from day-to-day items. This route is best reserved for people who need space and cleanliness to feel a sense of peace and prefer sustainable, high-quality items over low-quality fast fashion.

Some styles that particularly suit this look are:

  • Japandi
  • Scandi
  • Mediterranean 

Quilt Covers that would suit these interior styles:

linen-house-lifestyle-hemp-triblend-quilt-cover-set-range-vanilla, linen-house-lifestyle-nara-400thc-bamboo-cotton-quilt-cover-set-range-moss, aura-emile-quilt-cover-range-clove, linen-house-lifestyle-stornoway-quilt-cover-set-range-night


3. Relaxed & Comfortable

Image from Pinterest(Previously taken from @colourmadetheroom on Instagram)

Image from WSJ

Image from Decorilla

Some of us prefer a home that feels and looks familiar, welcoming, and perhaps a little lived-in. Good examples of this style in popular media are Bilbo Baggins Hobbit home in Bag End, and Alice's apartment in the 2016 film How to Be Single. This style best suits those who are often nostalgic or attach sentimental value to objects in their life; and who enjoy colour, art and individualism.

  • Rustic
  • Eclectic
  • Boho
  • Granny Chic

Quilt Covers that would suit these interior styles:

mm-linen-giverny-quilt-cover-set-range-multi, camilla-paint-me-positano-quilt-cover-set-range-blue, linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-quilt-cover-set-range-natural, bambury-morgan-quilt-cover-set-range, linen-house-lifestyle-haze-quilt-cover-set-range-pecan


4. Sweet & Delicate

Image from Home Stories

Image from Fat Shack Vintage

Sweet and delicate is often a style category perceived as feminine, with classical "girlie" aspects. From every tone of pink to soft furnishings, quaint accessories and floral patterns - this genre of home styling is perfect for those who enjoy English gardens, fresh flowers, elegant or opulent furniture pieces, and the idea of living life in the French countryside in the summer.

Sweet & delicate interests can lead to styles such as:

  • Cottagecore
  • French Provincial
  • Victorian
  • Barbiecore
  • Shabby Chic

Quilt Covers that would suit these interior styles:

linen-house-lifestyle-layla-quilt-cover-set-range-pink, logan-and-mason-platinum-varsity-quilt-cover-set-range-linen, linen-house-lifestyle-julieta-quilt-cover-set-range-pearl, logan-and-mason-platinum-august-quilt-cover-set-range-dusk, private-collection-winton-quilt-cover-set-range-white, ardor-boudoir-lisbon-quilt-cover-set-range-shell


5. Dark & Edgy

Image from Mossebo

Image from Home to Love

If this category was your calling card, you probably enjoy Brutalist or Art Deco styles. Creating a home in this style space is all about using darker shades of colours, colour exclusion, and mixing textures to create contrast and vibe.

Here we have a variety of potential style outputs:

  • Gothic
  • Industrial
  • Dark Academia
  • Art Deco

Quilt Covers that would suit these interior styles:

linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-quilt-cover-set-range-magnet, davinci-mateo-quilt-cover-set-range-gold, mm-linen-tui-blossom-quilt-cover-set-range-black, private-collection-barlow-quilt-cover-set-range-slate, davinci-gambusi-quilt-cover-set-range-smoke, bianca-acacia-quilt-cover-set-range-charcoal, grace-by-linen-house-valeria-quilt-cover-set-range-slate