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Quilts / doonas and quilt covers / doona covers

Here is the guide for you!

Quilt & Quilt Cover Size
Quilt Dimensions
Recommended For Use On
Cot Quilt Cover
100cm x 135cm
 Cot Mattress
Single Quilt Cover
140cm x 210cm
Single Mattress (Especially Bunk Beds)
Double Quilt Cover
180cm x 210cm
Single Mattress, King Single Mattress, Double Mattress
Queen Quilt Cover
210cm x 210cm
Double Mattress, Queen Mattress
King Quilt Cover
245cm x 210cm
Queen Mattress, King Mattress
Super Quilt Cover
270cm x 240cm
King Mattress


It is recommended that your Quilt / Doona and Quilt Cover / Doona Cover are both a size larger than your bed sizes. You can use King quilt covers for your queen bed. This allows for a nice overhang at the end and on the sides of the bed, and therefore ensures that you do not see the mattress. It will also alleviate the draft that you may feel whilst trying to sleep. This is especially relevant for newer beds, as mattresses have progressively become higher over the years. If you're seeking more guidance on selecting the perfect quilt, don't hesitate to explore our Quilt buying guide page for more comprehensive information.


What size is a queen doona cover?
The average size of a queen-size quilt cover is 210 cm × 210 cm. This quilt cover size can cover both double beds and queen beds. Just be sure to pair it with the matching size quilt.

What size is a king size quilt?
On average, a king-size quilt measures 245 cm by 210 cm. This king-size quilt works well for both king-size and queen-size mattresses, making a queen-size bed much cosier with the added duvet length.

What size is a super king quilt?
A super king quilt measures 270 cm x 240 cm. This is typically the biggest standard bed linen size that is commercially available. Super king quilts are best suited for king size or super king size beds.


Queen and King Size Quilt Covers



Below is an Australian sizing guide for sheets:

Sheet Size
Fitted Sheet Dimensions
Flat Sheet Dimensions
55cm x 96cm + 14cm
77cm x 135cm + 19cm
120cm x 165cm
Single Bed
91cm x 193cm + 40cm
180cm x 254cm
Long Single Bed
91cm x 203cm + 40cm
Mega Long Single Bed
91cm x 203cm + 50cm
King Single Bed
107cm x 203cm + 40cm
200cm x 274cm
Double Bed
137cm x 193cm + 40cm
228cm x 254cm
Mega Double Bed
137cm x 193cm + 50cm
230cm x 260cm
Queen Bed
152cm x 203cm + 40cm
245cm x 274cm
Mega Queen Bed
152cm x 203cm + 50cm
285cm x 274cm
Deluxe Queen Bed
152cm x 203cm + 60cm
300cm x 285cm
King Bed
182cm x 203cm + 40cm
285cm x 274cm
Split King Bed 91 cm x 203 x 40cm
Mega King Bed
182cm x 203cm + 50cm
300cm x 274cm
Deluxe King Bed
182cm x 203cm + 60cm
330cm x 285cm
Super King Bed
204cm x 204cm + 40cm
300cm x 330cm
Mega Super King Bed
204cm x 204cm + 50cm
300cm x 274cm
Deluxe Super King Bed
204cm x 204cm + 60cm
330cm x 300cm


Please note: The above is a guide only.
You should refer to the exact dimensions of each fitted, flat or sheet set under the 'Product Information' heading located on each product page.

Standard fitted sheet depths range from 33cm to 40cm. The majority of sheets available here at Manchester Warehouse begin at 40cm, which will allow for most pillowtop mattresses, or standard mattresses with mattress toppers.

Mattress Toppers

For latex and memory foam mattresses, or pillow top and bottom mattresses 'Mega' 50cm sheets or 'Deluxe' 60cm sheets are also available. This will ensure that your sheets don't ride up and expose your mattress at the end or on the sides of your bed.

Fitted Sheet



What size is a double bed sheet?
Double bed fitted sheets are 137 cm x 193 cm, with a standard fitted skirt measuring 40 cm in height to fit most mattresses. On the other hand, the flat sheets positioned on top of the fitted sheets are 228 cm x 254 cm.

What is a king size bedsheet?
Fitted sheets for king-size beds are 182 cm x 203 cm, and a standard fitted skirt measures 40 cm in height. In other words, it will cover a 183 cm wide, 203 cm long, and 40 cm deep mattress. A king-size flat sheet is typically 285 cm x 274 cm in size.

What are the sheet sizes for a queen bed?
When it comes to queen bed sheets the most common size for a fitted queen sheet is 153cm x 203cm, while the flat sheet size is generally 245cm x 274cm. However, it's important to note that these sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer, so it's always best to check the specific measurements of the queen bed sheets before purchasing.



Below is a general Australian sizing guide for Pillowcases:

Pillowcase Size
Standard Pillowcase
48cm x 74cm
Tailored Standard Pillowcase
48cm x 74cm + 5cm
Ruffled Standard Pillowcase
48cm x 74cm + 8cm
Queen Pillowcase
54cm x 80cm
King Pillowcase
50cm x 90cm
European pillowcase
65cm x 65cm
Tailored European Pillowcase
65cm x 65cm + 5cm
Tailored U-Shape / V-Shape Pillowcase
75cm x 75cm + 5cm
Body Pillowcase
45cm x 152cm + 18cm


Please note: The above is a guide only.
You should refer to the exact dimensions of each pillowcase under the 'Product Information' heading located on each product page.


What size are queen pillowcases?
Queen-size pillowcases are, on average, 54cm x 80cm in size, though this can vary between different brands. They fit a standard-sized pillow with a loose fit, but in some cases can fit a standard pillow with a high loft or wide gusset quite comfortably.

What is the difference between King and Queen pillowcases?
In regards to pillowcases, the difference is size. The queen pillowcase is usually 54cm x 80cm, while king pillowcases are usually 50cm x 90cm. However, these dimensions can vary between different brands.

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