6 Australian Interior Designs You Should Follow for Bedroom Inspiration

If you're in pursuit of revamping your bedroom with a touch of finesse, you've landed in the right spot. Join us as we delve into the captivating realm of current Australian interior design, where creativity intertwines with comfort and style knows no bounds. Whether your penchant leans towards minimalist elegance, bohemian whimsy, or contemporary sophistication, these six esteemed Australian interior designers on Instagram are poised to ignite your imagination for your next bedroom makeover.


1. @the_stables_

Catherine Heraghty, the creative force behind The Stables, boasts a substantial following of over 200k on Instagram. Her design ethos marries timeless sophistication with contemporary simplicity, resulting in spaces that exude effortless style. Expect a palette of crisp white hues, sumptuous textures, and understated accents that evoke a sense of tranquility and refinement.


2. @gregnatale

Greg Natale Design, founded in 2001, stands as a paragon of interior design excellence, with its founder, Greg Natale, being recognized as one of Australia's top designers. Known for a bold use of color and pattern, Natale's work is synonymous with sophistication and a luxurious modernist approach, blending influences from brutalism and post-modernism to Milanese maximalism. His Sydney-based studio is celebrated for creating spaces that are both visually compelling and deeply functional, with a signature style that is evident across a diverse range of projects, from residential to commercial spaces.

3. @studiotate

Studio Tate is a Melbourne based interior architecture practice founded in 2014, commanding an Instagram following of 43k. Run by director Alex Hopkins, the studio has quickly risen to prominence, crafting a portfolio that spans across residential, hospitality, and workplace sectors, reflecting the way we live, work, and play. One of the standout features of Studio Tate's work is their attention to detail. Whether it's the luxe detailing and color in the Toorak Residence or the beautifully balanced Blairgowrie Residence, each space is meticulously curated to achieve a harmonious balance between form and function.

4. @flackstudio_

Flack Studio, a Melbourne-based interior architecture and design practice with over 211k followers, is renowned for its contemporary yet timeless interiors that are both sophisticated and accessible. Founded by David Flack, the studio has made a significant impact on the design landscape with its bold and experimental approach to interiors. Their commitment to creating beautiful, functional, and enduring spaces has established them as a leader in the field.

5. @tamsinjohnson

Tamsin Johnson, an esteemed interior designer based in Sydney, Australia, is celebrated for her distinctive approach that seamlessly blends refined aesthetics with a relaxed vibe. Her studio is acclaimed for its expert curation and the ability to harmoniously integrate pieces from various eras and regions, resulting in spaces that are both stunning and livable. Johnson's work is characterized by elegance, inviting warmth, and a sense of relaxed luxury, which is palpable in both her residential and commercial projects. Her artful eye for design is evident in the way she plays with forms, textures, colors, and styles, creating interiors that are not just spaces but sanctuaries that reflect the essence of effortless sophistication.

6. @decus_interiors

Decus Interiors, an award-winning interior design studio based in Woollahra, NSW, is celebrated for its expressive and intuitive approach to design. With a philosophy that interiors should positively impact our everyday lives, Decus Interiors specializes in creating bespoke homes that are individualized and full of character. Their work is a testament to their rebellious yet worldly spirit, capturing the personality of their clients and elevating the experience of living. The studio's founder, Alexandra Donohoe Church, brings an international flair to her designs, drawing inspiration from her experiences in the US and her affinity with Mid-Century Brazilian designers.


In conclusion, these six Australian interior designers on Instagram represent a tapestry of styles and inspirations that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you gravitate towards classic elegance, bohemian whimsy, or contemporary chic, there's a design ethos to resonate with every discerning enthusiast. Harness the power of inspiration, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary that reflects your unique essence. Happy decorating!