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26th February 2021

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Purchasing new sheets can be a difficult decision with a wide range of options available. This is our guide to choosing, with all the information to help you refine your search – simply read on and learn the benefits of each composition and style. If you are the type that prefers to feel your sheets before you buy them, visit our Kogarah store and tailor your experience with our expert team.

Silky Bamboo/Cotton Blend

Bamboo-cotton blended fabric makes for luxuriously soft sheeting and is one of the most popular styles to have in summer. This is largely due to its moisture-wicking properties that helps wick away any sweating from the heat of summer. Bamboo fibers are also naturally anti-bacterial and possess hypoallergenic properties, making it an ideal option for people with skin sensitivities - or if you simply forget to change your sheets as often as you should!

armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-white, linen-house-lifestyle-nara-400thc-bamboo-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-moss, armidayle-bamboo-eco-400thc-cotton-mega-fitted-sheet-range-blush, linen-house-lifestyle-tencel-mega-sheet-set-range-charcoal, linen-house-lifestyle-nara-400thc-bamboo-cotton-mega-sheet-set-range-wisteria

Cotton Sateen

For those that prefer pure cotton & a heavier sheet, cotton sateen is a great option. Made in a satin weave, the sheets have that silky look & feel, in combination with the breathability of cotton fibres. As a natural fibre, cotton also lasts longer than many man-made alternatives, such as polyester. This means that the durability is much higher, and you won’t find your sheets thinning as quickly.

linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-taupe, linen-house-lifestyle-hotel-augusta-500thc-cotton-sateen-mega-sheet-set-range-white, laura-ashley-lillian-375thc-cotton-sheet-set-range-coral, logan-and-mason-platinum-hotel-grande-400thc-egyptian-cotton-sateen-sheet-set-range-navy, linen-house-lifestyle-hugo-1000thc-cotton-sateen-sheet-set-range-grey, sheridan-hotel-luxury-1000thc-cotton-sateen-sheet-set-range-snow, laura-ashley-jessika-sheet-set-range-periwinkle

Cotton Percale

Percale is a plain-weave fabric, and consists of tightly woven threads. This means cotton percale fabrics have a crisp, cool & fine texture, and are made to last. At 300THC, sheets of this make are lighter in weight, making them an essential summer staple, particularly for cotton lovers.

Heston 300THC Cotton Percale Sheet Set Range White

100% Linen Sheets

Linen offers the ultimate designer look and style when it comes to sheets. However, beyond its aesthetic appeal, it is breathable, highly absorbent, and has a gentle texture that softens even more with every wash, especially with stone-washed sheets. Linen also requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton to produce, making it a much more sustainable purchase for our eco-conscious customers.

armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-dove-grey,weave-ravello-linen-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-caper,linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-sheet-set-range-clay,aura-emile-fitted-or-flat-sheet-range-burnished-lilac, armidayle-stonewashed-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-natural, bambury-french-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-charcoal,linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-mega-fitted-sheet-range-lilac,mm-linen-stitch-linen-cotton-sheet-set-range-white, linen-house-lifestyle-nimes-linen-mega-sheet-set-range-clay

Washed Cotton

Washed cotton means that the sheets are pre-washed using a stone-washed method. This occurs after production is completed but prior to customer purchase. What it means is that the sheets are extra soft, and given a relaxed feel for customers, as frequent washing of cotton fabrics ensures further softening over time. Cotton sheets are also a staple for any bed, with high breathability and a luxe aesthetic.

Washed Cotton Sheet Set Range

Washed Cotton Sheet Set Range
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Fashion Print Sheets

For those that are not particular about their sheet fabric composition and prefer bold colours or dainty prints for their bedroom look, we have a wide range of fashion sheets available. Many feature floral patterns for an added feminine touch, and our Linen House styles offer the same soft washed-cotton fabric & all the benefits of a regular cotton sheet.


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