All-Season Quilt

What is an all-season quilt?

An all-season quilt is a versatile addition to your bed, suitable for all-season of the year - summer, spring, autumn, and winter. The design of an all-season quilt provides remarkable comfort with a soft, cosy touch, whilst the fabric composition works to keep you warm during cold weather and cool during hot weather.

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All-season quilt range.

Can't decide which type of quilt to get? Our All-Season Quilt range is our best choice for both value and versatility, with the right fill type, weight, and fibre properties for all year ‘round.

Are all-season quilts good?

All-seasons quilts are particularly ideal for those living in a climate that experiences all-seasons, making it easier to maintain year-round comfort without the need to switch to something warmer or cooler depending on the season change. They are also incredibly comfortable and offer great value for money when it comes to year-round use, eliminating the need to buy a second or even third quilt.

Is an all-season quilt good for winter?

During wintertime, an all-season quilt might be just what you need, depending on the temperature. Winter is never the same in all climates - so while an all-season quilt might be suitable for winter in some places, those who live in extremely cold climates will need to purchase a different type of quilt to keep warm. You should also take your own body temperature, sleeping preferences, and the temperature of your house into consideration too. Similarly, if you live in an extremely hot climate, you may want to opt for a lightweight summer quilt. You can browse these types of quilts and more in our Quilts collection.

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