Bamboo Towels

What are bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels are designed with natural fibres sourced from bamboo. Bamboo is renowned for being an ECO-friendly material in many different products with its biodegradable qualities. When compared to other popular materials used for towels, such as cotton, bamboo is remarkably durable without compromising its texture or ability to absorb moisture. Not only that, but when searching for bamboo towels to buy, you aren't restricted by design choice as these also come in a variety of colours and styles to browse - just like other bath towels you may be familiar with!

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Bamboo towels.

Enjoy a more ECO-friendly and healthy way of drying up after a shower with our premium range of Bamboo Towels Australia.

What are the benefits of bamboo towels?

Some of the most notable benefits of bamboo towels include their excellent absorbency, antibacterial quality, allergy-safe design, soft texture, and suitability for sensitive skin types. In fact, bamboo is approximately four times more absorbent than other fabrics, such as cotton! Due to their antibacterial nature, it is less likely for bamboo towels to grow bacteria and, therefore, can last longer between washes.

How do you wash bamboo towels?

Bamboo towels can be safely washed with a warm, gentle machine wash at no higher than 40-degrees. We suggest avoiding any chlorine or oxidising-based bleaching agents, skincare treatments with bleaching agents, fabric softeners, or any other detergents with optical brighteners as they may conflict with the natural bamboo fibres. When drying, use a warm tumble dry, and do not iron or dry clean.