Nothing says luxury like a quality bathrobe, whether you use it as loungewear all weekend long or just for the trip from the bathroom to the bedroom. Treating yourself to a lush bath robe can make you feel like you are staying in a five star hotel every day. But what do you need to consider when choosing the right one for you?

At Manchester Warehouse, we also have a kids bath robe options.

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Choosing your dream bathrobes.


Bathrobes can best be split into seasons, with different purposes for each. 

Summer bathrobes 

Warmer weather calls for lightweight, breathable fabric with a luxury spa feel. A Summer bathrobe is usually in a kimono style, made from light, soft fabric that drapes comfortably over your skin. 

If you’re looking for a Summer robe, some of the best bathrobes online include: 

  • The Linen House Lifestyle Nimes linen robe - This linen bathrobe is in a kimono style and is available in five different colours. It has a light, breathable feel and because it is 100% pure linen it gets softer over time.
  • The PIP Studio Good Evening cotton velour robe - Cotton Velour is super absorbent, making this robe the ideal choice for after a shower. It is available in six colours.
  • The Bambury Commercial waffle robe  - This commercial style robe is a polyester cotton waffle: your traditional hotel robe. It is super soft and in a kimono style. Its lightweight feel makes it a great choice for summer. 

Winter bathrobes 

When it’s cold outside you’re after warmth and cosiness: a soft, snuggly feel like being wrapped up in your favourite blanket. Winter bathrobes are thick and luxurious, perfect for those chilly mornings. 

Some of the best winter robes available include:

  • The Bambury microplush range - Wearing one of these robes is like being wrapped up in a microplush blanket. It is available in three sizes, S/M, M/L, and L/XL, with a generous fit. The robe offers a tailored fit with two pockets and a tie-up belt, and comes in eight great colours. Its extra long plush pile ensures the fluffiness lasts forever.
  • The Linen House Lifestyle Nara bathrobe - If you’re looking for warmth but don’t want a synthetic fibre, this robe is your answer. It still has that plush feel but is constructed from cotton and bamboo. With a long plush pile for fluffiness that stands the test of time, you’ll be warm all winter long. The robe features a cosy collar, turned back cuffs, and two front pockets, and is available in five colours. 


Bathrobes come in a range of different compositions and materials, each with different properties. Some of the most popular choices include:

  • Cotton bathrobes
  • Bamboo cotton bathrobes
  • Linen bathrobes
  • Polyester microplush bathrobes
  • Polyester cotton / waffle bathrobes 
  • Terry towelling bathrobes

The right material for you depends on both personal preference and whenyou intend to use your robe. Polyester microplush and bamboo cotton bathrobes typically offer warmth, while a material like Turkish cotton is very absorbent - a better choice if you intend to put on your robe straight out of the shower. 


All the bathrobes in our collection are unisex, able to be worn by anybody. Most are one size, while others are available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL options. With a generous fit, the L/XL size should fit larger people more comfortably than the one size options. 

We also have a kids bath robe option. The Hiccups plush leopard bathrobe is made from polyester/microfibre for warmth and cosiness. It is absorbent, and available in S/M/L sizing options. The Bambury Poncho Pal Hey Gull Friend collection is another great option for kids. While not a robe as such, they have the same sort of feel and would be great to snuggle up with on the couch to keep warm and cosy. 


How often should you wash a bathrobe? 

This is quite a personal question, and depends entirely on how you use your bathrobe. If you pop it on for half an hour in the morning to have breakfast and a half hour at night while you get ready for bed, you might get a longer time between washes. If you wear it all day long, it might need to be washed more frequently. It also depends what you’re doing while wearing it - if your bath robe often gets touched with kids sticky fingers or you wear it outside in the garden, it might need to be washed more often. 

This question is similar to the question of how often you should wash your sheets. It’s very personal. It’s all down to how you use it, how often, and what your personal preference is. The important thing is that our bathrobes can hold up to regular washing and will retain their softness for years to come. 

Are bathrobes a good gift?

Bathrobes are a great gift idea, especially for someone you are close with. His and hers robes are a common engagement present or wedding present, and a new robe can be a great way to pamper a new mum or any mum on mother’s day, or even to celebrate a birthday. 

At Manchester Warehouse we ship our bathrobes Australia wide for one low flat rate fee of $9.95, so wherever you are you can start pampering yourself in no time. This flat fee is all part of keeping our premium products affordable so you can enjoy a taste of luxury instead of opting for lesser quality cheap bathrobes to avoid breaking the bank.