Make your bed the go-to destination after a long, hard day at work with one of our luxurious bedheads. Add to your bed’s comfort with our range of bed essentials, such as quilts, pillows, blankets, and toppers, and style your whole bedroom look with a vibrant rug and some curtains to create your dream bedroom. Manchester Warehouse has a vast range of affordable and stylish bedheads to suit any sized bed.

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Create a luxury bedroom space and elevate your style with a bedhead.

The most personal space in your house is your bedroom. To turn that special space into royalty, Manchester Warehouse offers a wide range of bedhead in several styles, colours, and materials, such as rattan and padded fabric heads. Our range of bedheads in Australia is high quality and comes from our great range of brands. Our bedheads are also available in king, queen, double, and single sizes.

What is a bedhead?

A bedhead separates the bed from the wall and can increase style, plus add comfort for people that enjoy sitting upright in bed to read, type, or watch tv. Bedheads were initially designed to prevent people's heads from becoming cold from poorly insulated walls.

Is a bedhead necessary?

A bedhead provides support to the bed and can protect the wall from abrasion, but some people prefer bed frames without one. Practically, bedheads give added visual structure and can tie together the complete look of your bedroom. Of course, you can manage without a bedhead if you prefer an unfinished look, but for those that enjoy the practicality and added style of a bedhead, browse our range today to find one perfect for your space.

What are the benefits of having a bedhead?

  • A padded bedhead can provide extra support for the head and back, both in laying or sitting positions.
  • A bedhead can provide additional structure and style to your bedroom.
  • In some cases, it can protect your wall from damage.
  • Bedheads prevent the wall from being damaged. Without a bedhead, if you toss and turn at night, your bed base edge might scrape against the wall leaving marks and scratches. Sweat and oil from your skin can also contaminate the wall causing it to become dirty and stained. 
  • It helps your pillow to stay in place & can provide good support for propping up decorative European pillows and cushions.
  • The bedhead can also prevent your pillow from falling into the gap between the wall and the bed. A secure bedhead will also keep your fitted sheet tucked in.
  • It can create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom. Sleeping next to a poorly insulated wall may be uncomfortable, but using a bedhead will help provide insulation.

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