Blue Cushions

What colours go well with blue cushions?

There are many colours that pair well with blue cushions. White is an easy choice as it goes with virtually all colourways, but with blue, it's a definite winner, giving the impression of clouds or seafoam over the blue hue. That's what makes our blue and white cushions so popular! Other tones you can try include beige or brown with navy blue, pastel pinks with teal, or try similar hues together - for example, darker shades with navy cushions and more pastel options for teal cushions.

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Blue cushions.

Accent the bedroom or living room with the soothing, peaceful display of our premium blue cushions to transform your space into one that feels just like home. Blue cushions are available in many different shapes and sizes, so pick ones that will best complement the furniture in your room.

What is the most popular shade of blue cushions?

An ongoing trend for the past several years, blue has continued to be a favourite among many house owners. The most popular shades are teal, navy, and blue blended with white, which we have available in our Blue Cushions collection. Reminiscent of the sea and sky, these colours pair well with light or dark colour schemes. Opt for the darker navy tones that mimic the night sky and deep open sea, or teal for its blissful coral-reef-inspired tone.

What does the colour blue symbolise?

The colour blue is renowned for its association with the sea and sky, two tranquil aspects of life. Both exciting and calming, blue cushions can be an excellent way to bring life to the room, whether it be for relaxation, productivity, or socialising. It also symbolises serenity, stability, wisdom, inspiration, and health.

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