Boho Cushions

What makes a room Boho?

Inspired by various bohemian and hippie cultures, the Boho-chic style encompasses a variety of exotic colours, patterns, and textures. The idea of this style is to feel free, distinct, and unconventional. A boho room would capture this same aesthetic, displaying a combination of vibrant colours and patterns that don't have a start or end. It's truly a style that represents your unique beliefs and values.

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Boho cushions.

The spirited and energetic style of our Boho Cushions is bound to give your home the lively, happy expression it needs to be welcoming, comfortable, and unique.

How do I decorate my living room in accordance with boho style?

To give your living room this unique boho style, there are a few things to keep in mind. You want a variety of textures, layers of patterns and colours, and some good natural lighting to show off these lovely details. Plants are another popular aspect of the Boho style, so you should consider adding these around the living room to complement the exotic style. Patterns are also an important feature, and that's why our boho cushions and boho floor cushions are so perfect. With so many designs available in different colours, patterns, and materials, prepare for a wonderful creative journey when decorating your boho living room! There are no rules when decorating your living space so be prepared to get as creative as you'd like with many different patterns, textures and layers.

How do I know if something is boho?

You can tell if an accessory or furnishing is boho by looking at its combination of colours, textures, and patterns. If the feeling it gives you is a sense of euphoric freedom and uplifting joy with its intriguing display, then it is most likely boho! Just take a look at our examples of bohemian cushions, and you'll find the answer you are looking for.

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