Boho Quilt and Doona Covers

What does boho style look like?

Boho style, or "Bohemian Chic" style, usually features exotic displays that combine a mix of colours, patterns, and layered objects inspired by natural life, reflecting a free-flowing, tranquil expression. Boho style traditionally referenced unconventional lifestyles rich in artistic and nomadic values, and these quilt covers reflect that. While some of these Bohemian quilt covers are more simple with subtle patterns or solid colours, there are others that feature more intricate designs inspired by natural aspects of life.

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Boho quilt and doona covers.

Boho quilt covers are trendy, refreshing, and tranquil designs that beautifully complement any relaxing bedroom space with their natural colours and flowy patterns. When you're trying to create a peaceful setting for sleep, the Boho style is perfect.

What are boho colours?

The colours of Boho-style may vary depending on the design but usually include earthy tones like yellows, soft greens, and reddish browns, along with common white, lilac purples, coral pinks, turquoise blue, apricot, and olive green. Any colour stemming from realistic, natural elements is considered Bohemian. That's the beauty of Boho quilt and doona covers - you can feel free to decorate according to what makes you feel free, relaxed, and eccentric because there are no rules!

How do I add boho style?

Once you set up your bed with a Boho quilt cover, you can decorate your bedroom setting around it with a similar colour palette or opt for contrasting elements for an exotic display. This could include layering florals, colourful ornaments, a natural rug, and other organic touches for a unique Bohemian vibe - whatever will make you feel most at peace in the bedroom.

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