Chair Covers

What is the purpose of a chair cover?

Chair covers are not only great for style but functionality too. Chair and seat covers help to keep your chair safe from scratches, pet hair, or deep stains from unwanted spills. Over time, chairs can go through extreme wear and tear, so chair covers help bring back a new and clean look to your chair. Manchester Warehouse offers a unique range of chair covers with a high-quality diamond quilting pattern so that you can protect in style. Choose from a variety of colours that fit any chair style.

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Chair covers.

Do some easy, low-maintenance remodelling to your living room with chair covers. Bound to bring any old chair or seat to life, chair covers are a perfect way to revamp your style on a low budget.

How do I find a cover to fit my chair?

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find the right fit for your seats. Determine if you want to find a custom fit dining chair cover, which doesn’t fully cover your chair, but will add an aesthetic covering to the places you need. You can also choose a sure fit sofa cover that will cover your whole sofa and easily mould into its shape. 

How often do you wash your chair covers?

Washing chair cover are important to keep them at their highest quality and best look. You don’t have to wash them every month, but the longer that dirt is accumulated, the harder it will become to wash out. When you make a spill, have a handy stain spot remover you can use. Wash them every 3-6 months to keep a clean and beautiful look.