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Coastal Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best coastal quilt cover for me?

With coastal quilt covers, there are so many different ways to create a coastal ambience in your bedroom. When shopping for coastal quilt covers, Manchester Warehouse has both a beautiful variety and top quality. First, think about the coastal colours you want to highlight for your bedroom. You can go with more subtle oceanic blues or crazy coral colours that really pop. You can even recreate the sand with beautiful neutral and white tones. When it comes to quality, Manchester Warehouse ensures the best. All coastal quilt covers are designed to be incredibly soft and breathable so that you can sleep soundly in those beachy vibes.


Bring the beach to your bedroom with coastal quilt covers. Manchester Warehouse’s unique range of coastal quilt and doona covers will make you feel like you’re right on shore every night. From beautiful pastels and bright coral colours to gorgeous seashell patterns and striped oceanic colours, Manchester Warehouse has the coastal quilt of your dreams.

What are other coastal trend products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Manchester Warehouse has coastal quilt covers for both adults and kids, with matching sheets and pillowcases. For a sandy coral vibe, check out the Terra set or the Isadora quilt. For something more oceanic, check out the Canopy quilt or Betty set. Once you have a coastal quilt cover picked, then it’s time to match the rest. You can complete the look with matching pillowcases and filled cushions, or you can mix and match your coastal quilt with other prints.

You can also check our wide range of quilt and doona covers.