Cotton Bathrobes

Is cotton good for bathrobes?

Cotton is a common choice for bathrobes, particularly for their lush comfort, softness, and warmth. Cotton bathrobes are typically odour-free, suitable for those with allergies, and is a naturally sustainable material that comes with excellent durability. That also includes an easy washing regime! There are also many designs available with our bath collection available at Manchester Warehouse, including hair wrap, body wrap, towels and many more.

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Cotton bathrobes.

Get cosy and stylish in one of our luxury Cotton Bathrobes Australia from our favourite brands.

What is a bathrobe used for?

Bathrobes, and especially cotton bathrobes, are used to keep you warm and cosy after cleaning yourself from a bath or shower. Some will dry themselves prior to using one, and others will wear it immediately afterwards, depending on their preference. The biggest advantage of using a cotton bathrobe is to prevent illness, as it will keep you warm and snug while drying you off. This also makes them very popular during the cooler months.

How often should you wash your bathrobe?

Washing your bathrobe should be done at least every 3-4 uses - similar to how often you would wash your towels. During winter, you will likely wear your bathrobe more often, so it is during this time that we recommend washing your bathrobe more frequently to prevent bacteria build-up, such as mould. Despite typically being clean during use, it is important you keep up a strict washing regime with your bathrobes like all other garments. To wash your cotton bathrobe, we recommend a warm machine wash on a normal spin with a warm tumble dry. Never bleach, soak, or dry clean, and always line dry in the shade.