Cotton Towels

Are cotton towels good?

Due to how absorbent, soft, and durable cotton is, it makes sense that cotton towels are the most popular type of towels for drying off after a bath or shower. Not only that but with how easy they are to care for, which means less effort from you, cotton towels are generally preferred over any other. You can find a variety in our cotton towel range with many different colours, styles, and unique brands - including waffle-style textures and sets with varying sizes. You can also check our wide range of bath towels collections for other composition options.

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Cotton towels.

Follow up your warm, relaxing shower or bath with one of our soft and beautifully designed cotton towels, available in a wide range of brands and colours.

What are the benefits of cotton towels?

Cotton towels are often recommended because of how durable yet soft they are. Their ability to absorb a large amount of moisture adds to their comfort and ease of use in the bathroom. With such a long lifespan and versatility when it comes to designs, you can align your cotton towels with your bathroom decor seamlessly for many years to come.

How do I wash cotton towels?

Cotton should always feel soft, cosy, and "fluffy." To keep this quality, ensure you are following the manufacturer's proper care instructions, which may vary slightly according to the brand and style. Generally, a warm and gentle machine wash is recommended, with a 40-degree maximum temperature. Always avoid fabric softeners and detergents that have optical brighteners. Use a low tumble dry if necessary, never iron or dry clean, and wash with similar colours to prevent colour stains.