Down Quilts

What is a down quilt?

A down quilt is made using the soft, fluffy feathers of a goose and duck that keep them warm and protected. This is a lightweight and more insulated alternative to other quilt options, admired for its warmth and cosines without the added weight. It's a premium choice of bedding like no other.

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Down quilts.

Manchester Warehouse stocks the finest Down Quilts & Doonas that are renowned for their breathability, warmth, luxurious softness, and incomparable comfort.

Is duck down quilt or goose down quilt better?

There is a difference in warmth between duck down quilt and goose down quilt. Due to geese being larger birds, they have bigger clusters of a down feather; thus, a goose down quilt will be warmer than a duck down quilt. Both choices are great, but it will depend on how much warmth you require based on the climate and other considerations.

Why is goose down more expensive than duck down?

Goose down is more valuable and expensive than duck down quilt due to its more exquisite qualities and higher demand. Because of the better warmth and higher fill power, resulting in a lush feather doona, more and more customers value goose down over duck down.

How do you choose a down quilt?

The biggest consideration when choosing a down quilt will be your desired warmth level. Determine the temperature of your bedroom, the season, and the climate of your location. This will help you make an easier decision. You'll also want to consider the size of the feather doona for your bed dimensions.

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