Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian cotton is well known for its added strength, durability and softness compared to regular cotton fibres.

Logan and Mason Platinum’s Egyptian cotton range comes in a luxurious, smooth 400THC design with a dedication to premium quality. World-renowned for being the softest, finest and most durable type of cotton on the market, it is almost impossible to regret investing in some Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Egyptian cotton fabric is extremely durable, and lasts longer than regular cotton fabric when exposed to wear and tear over its lifetime. As a natural fibre, Egyptian cotton possesses all the great qualities of regular cotton, such as breathability and softness.

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What you should know about egyptian cotton sheets.

What is special about Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian cotton sheets are made from cotton sourced in Egypt. The fibres are longer, softer, and finer than regular cotton due to being grown in a fertile region along the Nile river. Sheet sets made from Egyptian cotton are often preferred as they are naturally more durable and soft than standard cotton sheets. You can shop our range of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets in Australia via our Kogarah showroom or online.

What is the best thread count for Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian cotton sheets can be enjoyed at all thread counts. It is a common misconception that a higher thread count offers a higher quality of sheet, whereas it is really the quality of the fibre, weave & construction that impacts the quality of a sheet. We offer 400thc & 1000thc Egyptian cotton sheets, and we often recommend the 1000thc to customers who prefer a heavier, thicker sheet in bed. This timeless weave is the epitome of opulence and grandeur and has a high-quality hotel sheet experience to it. The 400THC range we also stock makes for the perfect amount of softness, appropriate for all temperatures, without compromising on durability and lustre. They are thinner and breathable enough even for warmer environments while still providing a smooth feel. Our range features a wide range of versatile, gorgeous shades that will revitalise the look of your space. Choose from soft blue and stone hues to deeper, charcoal grey and navy. You will surely find something that suits your taste and bedroom theme in our collection.

Are Egyptian cotton or bamboo sheets better? 

Considered to be the “king of all cotton”, Egyptian cotton is the best in quality,  even superior to bamboo sheets. However, while Egyptian cotton’s composition makes it suitable for any climate, you may opt for any of our bamboo sheets for an option with even better breathability and moisture-wicking properties, particularly good for warmer climates. Bamboo sheets also have a buttery-smooth feel to them, whilst Egyptian cotton possesses a more crisp-smooth feel.

How long do Egyptian cotton sheets last?

A sheet set Egyptian cotton style will last considerably longer if cared for properly, although it is known to be extremely durable in comparison to other fabrics. Its unmatched high quality and comfort will provide you with up to 15 years of pleasant sleep thanks to its hardy fibres.

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