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Faux Fur Blankets

What is a faux fur blanket?

A faux fur blanket is designed to look and feel like a real fur blanket, but instead, it is made with synthetic ("faux") fibres, usually in unique blends and with weaving or tufting manufacturing techniques. Despite this faux design, it still replicates the same softness, warmth, and comfort of authentic fur, but without the need to source animals for it. In addition to their warmth, they are also often used to accent the comforting aesthetic of a sofa, armchair, or to throw over a bed for extra warmth and style.


Recreate the soft, cosy sensation of genuine fur in an ECO-friendly way with our premium Faux Fur Blankets.

Are faux fur blankets warm?

High-quality faux fur blankets can keep you warm while providing good temperature regulation during the night. You can use it as an extra layer on your bed or as a separate blanket on the sofa, for example. At Manchester Warehouse, we stock a wide range of faux fur blankets Australia in various colours, brands, and fabrics, so you can find one that suits your home and preferences.

Can faux fur blankets be washed?

Faux fur blankets can be safely washed when they become dirty, but there are a few guidelines you should follow. Wash them with similar colours as you would with any other fabric and use a cold, gentle machine wash. Never soak, bleach, wring, dry clean, or tumble dry to maintain their integrity and quality. After washing, the line dries the fur blanket and warm iron on reverse if that is necessary.