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Feather Pillows


There is a reason feather pillows are still a popular pillow choice for well over a hundred year. One, these pillows tend to last longer than synthetics, being able to withstand ten years or more. When smooshed out of shape, simply fluff back to its original glory. Being a natural pillow, these options are preferred for those with a sustainable mindset and those not wishing to aid in the plastic consumption. 

Thinking about the purposes of down in nature, this type of pillow is wonderful for an insulator, keeping your body temperature regulated during the coldest (and hottest) of nights. Because of this, feather pillows offer a great night’s sleep. These pillows are also super comfortable (you are sleeping on a pad of feathers after all). They are a practical pillow for those experiencing neck pain and can make those dealing with these ailments much easier.

Manchester Warehouse carries a large selection of down and down alternative pillows for every shape and size. We have you set for the softest night’s sleep yet!