Firm Pillows

What is a firm pillow?

Firm pillows are quite heavy and solid, giving them a firm sensation when used. These are typically made with a certain thread count or weight to contribute to how effective they are. This design helps give an appropriate head, neck, and shoulder alignment during sleep - particularly for side sleepers. You can find various designs of firm pillows at Manchester Warehouse, including low, high, hospitality-quality, different GSM, unique fabrics, and more firm pillow styles. Choose one according to your sleeping preferences or physical health needs.

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Firm style pillows.

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Are firm pillows better?

Depending on the way you sleep, firm pillows may or may not be better for you. For example, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach, you shouldn't get a firm pillow as the neck and head support is not adequate - thus, a softer pillow is required. These specially designed pillows have barely any "give" and therefore won't suit all sleepers. For those who sleep on their side often, however, a firm pillow is perfect.

Why do side sleepers need firm pillows?

Side sleepers are best to use firm pillows as they need additional support for their neck and head during sleep. This will help fill the gap and align your spine properly, preventing bodily aches and pains when you wake up while also helping ensure you sleep the whole night without disruption. Try this 1300GSM Firm Pillow to feel the sensation. You can also take a look at our body pillows and V shape pillows for alternative options based on your sleeping position.

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