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Florence Broadhurst Ikeda Towels

Why should I choose Florence Broadhurst Ikeda Towels?

The Florence Broadhurst towels are made using 100% cotton jacquard double-ply. They feature a plain, woven border and the most exquisite detailing that give them a distinct look and feel. When you want something luxurious to wrap yourself up in after a shower or bath, this is it. Not to mention the silky loops that are remarkably absorbent - so not only are they stylish but also practical too.


A stunning reminder of the beautiful legend herself, the Ikeda Towels by Florence Broadhurst bring a delightfully luxurious touch to any bathroom decor with their premium, one-of-a-kind designs.

How do I choose the best Florence Broadhurst Ikeda Towels for me?

Each of Florence Broadhurst's Ikeda Towels displays a stunning pattern inspired by traditional Japanese fans. These are embossed into the towels and add a subtle yet lovely texture, complimenting their softness. Deciding which is the best style for you will depend on the colour scheme of your bathroom and the particular style you're aiming for. The cool, neutral, and soft palette of these Florence Broadhurst towels, including white, turquoise, grey, and cream, are ideal for layering tones or contrasting against other bolder colours.

What other Florence Broadhurst products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

As a widely recognised brand and designer, it makes sense to pair these Florence Broadhurst towels with more of the same style and quality across the bathroom/house. Manchester Warehouse also stocks Florence Broadhurst's bath mats and quilt cover sets to compliment the theme.

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