In our home furniture collection, you will find a wide selection of modern living furniture suitable for any setting. Featuring the finest materials and sophisticated designs, we offer the best home and bedroom furniture that will adorn your space. So check out furniture packages for your living room, and choose the perfect one for your home.

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Modern living furniture range.

Our modern living room furniture includes bedheads, outdoor bean bag chairs, poufs, chairs, room dividers, and light shades.

What should I look for when buying furniture?

These tips will help you find quality furniture for your home.

  • Solid hardwood is the best option for high-quality furniture since it is made of one piece of natural material and does not contain sawdust or timber composite.
  • Few knots are better as knots crack easily and risk damaging the piece unrepairable every time it is handled or moved.
  • The joints of good quality furniture are dovetailed, dowelled, screwed, and mortise-and-tenon, making them sturdy and less likely to fall apart over time & with use.
  • Frames should be level with the floor. Warped material or bulges, cracks, and distortion can mean the piece is unstable and cannot support weight well.
  • The piece should be reasonably scratch resistant.
  • Choose natural fabrics like cotton blend, linen, leather or wool instead of synthetics such as acrylic or nylon, as organic fibres can be biodegraded at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Seat foam should have a density rating of 1.8 pounds or more for comfort purposes.
  • For spring-based sofas, try sitting on different parts of the sofa to see if it causes you to sink or tip over.
  • Manufacturers usually self-deck their high-quality pieces, meaning they use the same fabric all through
  • Sofas or chairs should have well-fitting legs rather than nailed-in ones.

What should I look for when buying home furniture?

Before purchasing, make sure you have measured your space, as you don’t want to risk over-cluttering. Choose a room style such as modern, bohemian, Hamptons, or traditional. Consider colours and patterns, as they can greatly impact the overall appearance of your individual rooms. We offer furniture selection with a focus on elegance, comfort and affordability without compromising quality. You can also check out our living collection for more options.