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Gifts For Babies

What do I gift a newborn baby?

Newborns love anything soft, bright, and fun to look at, and our stuffed animals surpass the standard in cuteness. Give a newborn baby a lifetime friend with any of our stuffed animals; choose from classic animals like tigers, swans, owls, hippos, or a fox. You can also find unique stuffed cushions, like a snuggly rainbow, a happy sun, or a super soft & tasselled star! All filled cushions are designed to last forever with careful care, so any of these options can make for a wonderful keepsake for a newborn baby in his or her later years!


If you need gift ideas for an upcoming baby shower, look no further! At Manchester Warehouse, you will find a wide variety of baby gifts to give to your loved ones’ newborn babies. Our selection of super fun stuffed animals and filled cushions will have babies in love, making lasting memories with them for years to come.

How do I choose a baby shower gift for a mom who has everything?

If you know of a new mom who already has everything, there’s nothing sweeter than a simple gift to top it off. Getting a gift for a new mom’s baby is a wonderful way to wish her well on her new journey into motherhood. Another great gift to a new mom is with pampering essentials you’ll know she’ll need, like a deliciously scented, luxury hamper of body wash, lotion, and candles. Visit our full gift collection to check out more gift ideas for new moms.