Grey Quilt Cover

What colour goes well with a grey quilt cover?

Due to such excellent versatility, the neutral tone of grey makes it easy to pair well with many other colours. However, we suggest avoiding clashing colours such as red or bright green, which can be unappealing in what should be a calm, relaxing setting. Colours that work well include the typical black and white, as well as a softer palette of pink, blue, and cream beige. You can also find grey doona covers with unique patterns that combine grey with bold tones such as gold or regal blue for a stunning contrast. Choosing a blue-based grey quilt cover can also allow you to style up the surroundings with shades of blue, matching the theme more naturally. You can work with this colour scheme based on other bedroom accents, including pillows, curtains, wall paint, and more.

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Grey quilt and doona covers.

Versatile and timeless, our Grey Quilt & Doona Covers makes decorating and adding comfort to the bedroom easy.

What is the most popular shade of grey in a quilt cover?

A light, charcoal quilt cover and cool grey is perhaps the most popular shade of grey in a quilt cover next to its darker alternative. This lighter grey provides virtually endless capabilities to contrast and layer with other colours, making it a versatile choice. Many of our grey quilt cover set also feature contrasting border colours and soft, subtle patterns in addition to vibrant designs that blend grey with neutral tones. Opt for a darker grey if your bedroom decor is focused on a darker colour scheme and a lighter grey for a brighter display. Browse our wide range of quilt and doona covers for more options.