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Hiccups For Kids Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best Hiccups for Kids quilt cover for me?

Every kid’s imaginative exploration and adventure is a lot more fun with bedding that speaks to their personality. When choosing a Hiccups quilt cover for your kid’s bedroom, quality is never in question at Manchester Warehouse. All it comes down to is what style of quilt cover your child is most happy with. If your child’s bedroom already has a theme, you can find the perfect quilt cover to complete it. Or, you can choose a new style altogether that inspires a fresh bedroom design. Each design in the Hiccups for Kids selection has its own unique style, but they are all equally playful.


Hiccups For Kids quilt covers is a selection made for every kid’s dream bedroom. With a variety of playful and unisex designs, Hiccups quilt covers will fit any creative young child’s imagination. These Manchester Warehouse designs include woodland-inspired patterns, unicorn fantasies, space race prints, Halloween-inspired styles, and more. Shop all the styles in Single or Double size at Manchester Warehouse.

What are other Hiccups for Kids products available at Manchester Warehouse?

When you’re enhancing the kid’s bedroom, don’t stop at the bedding, take it further with décor. At Manchester Warehouse, you will also find a beautiful array of Hiccups for Kids stuffed cushions in playful shapes and designs. These soft cushions and stuffed animals make for the perfect bedroom décor to help revitalize your child’s experience in their room. Shop beautiful butterfly cushions, adorable lemur cushions, galaxy star cushions, and so much more at Manchester Warehouse.

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