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Jason Commercial Electric Blankets

Why choose Jason Commercial Electric Blankets?

Jason Commercial is an Australian brand founded on contemporary style and high-end quality. Their electric blankets are no different. These are made using the latest heating technology, which is integrated inside the blankets with a soft, comfortable layer surrounding them - the perfect choice for colder climates and unbeatable warmth. Designed to Australian safety and quality standards, there is also protection against overheating with 3 remote control heat settings and a full skirting fit.


We are proud to share the quality, luxury, and comfort of reputable brand Jason Commercial Electric Blankets' range here at Manchester Warehouse.

How do I choose the best Jason Electric Blanket for me?

Your choice of Jason electric blanket will depend on your bed's mattress size. Each design is fitted to secure firmly around the corresponding mattress. Choose a single for a single bed, a king for a king bed, and so forth to ensure the best possible comfort, style, safety, and heat distribution for a good night's rest, whether you're sleeping alone or with a partner.

What other Jason Commercial products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

Manchester Warehouse stocks a wide range of Jason Commercial products in addition to their Jason electric blanket range. This includes their bath towels, bath mats, pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, fitted/flat sheets, bathrobes, waffle blankets, comforters and pillowcases. These are all of the highest premium quality, so you can create an entire luxurious bedding set with their help. Take a look at their many other products on our website to discover your next dream bed oasis.