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Jelly Bean Kids

Why choose Jelly Bean Kids?

After 25 years of business, the Jelly Bean Kids brand has built a strong name for itself as one of the most popular kid's bedding choices in Australia. Based in Melbourne, Australia, this reputable and affordable brand can help you create the bedroom of your children's dreams while encouraging them to get a good night's rest. Kids are typically exhausted after a big day at school, playing sports, and getting up to mischief - so give them the sleep they deserve with Jelly Bean Kids! Their creative designs also add a playful and eye-catching style to their bedroom for them to enjoy during the day and to make bedtime a joyful experience at nighttime.


Give your kid's bedroom a friendly and inviting aesthetic and inspire their creativity with the help of the iconic Jelly Beans Kids brand.

What Jelly Bean Kids products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

With a large variety of Jelly Bean Kids quilt covers, you can find a design that beautifully complements your child and the decor of their bedroom. Manchester Warehouse also includes their weighted blankets, coverlets, and sheet sets to match these gorgeous quilt covers, which come in many unique and creative designs. Hearts, robots, stripes, dinosaurs, rockets, and simple nature designs are just some of the variety to choose from! Alternatively, you can take a look at our many other brands on our brand page for more ideas. We recommend completing the quilt cover set on their bed with a matching set of Jelly Bean Kids sheets.