Kids Pillows

Do kids need a special pillow?

When it's time for your child to use a pillow, we recommend something more age-appropriate for them. Our kids' pillows are designed to be safely used for children once they have reached this critical developmental stage in their life. These children's pillows are low allergy, resilient, have high-quality materials, and are explicitly designed to help promote healthy sleep. You can also opt for a memory foam pillow to suit your child with its supportive and moulding style. With children, you should choose a more firm pillow than fluffy, which will maintain comfort while preventing any aches or impacts on their physical development.

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Kids pillow.

Premium, safe, and healthy, our Kids Pillows aid in the growth of your child during one of the most important parts of their development routine - sleeping!

When should a child have a pillow?

It is widely suggested that a child shouldn't have a pillow until at least 24 months old. This is due to the possible suffocation that a child may experience with pillows and other additional materials in their bed. Babies need to sleep on something firm and flat before then. However, this age recommendation is merely a guideline. Every child is unique, and depending on their individual development, the age may vary slightly from when they can sleep with a pillow. If you notice your toddler is still sleeping comfortably without a pillow, you may not need to provide a kids pillow yet, so be sure to monitor their sleeping habits closely. Browse our full range of pillows collection for more option.