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How do I choose the right bed sheets for my kids?

Shopping for your kids’ bed sheets can be fun with the range of colours, prints, patterns, and themes that are available. It is best to choose bedding that complements the style and décor of the room, as well as the interests of your children. Beyond choosing the right design though, there are numerous considerations for toddler bed sheets to ensure the comfort of your little ones when they sleep.

Size is the first factor, where it is important to match the size of the bed sheets to the dimensions of the mattress. A good tip is to buy a bed that your child can grow into, so that it can be kept for a longer period. Once you know the bed size you can browse our kids bed sheets range and find the perfect fit, for example, a king single bed sheet set for your child’s king single bed. For a complete size guide, visit our information page here.

The next essential consideration is the quality of the kids sheets, though at Manchester Warehouse you can rest easy knowing that we only stock the best. We also know that accidents do happen, so layering the right toddler bed sheets on top of waterproof protective bedding is important. In this case quick drying fabrics and easy-care materials are ideal. Look for fabrics and materials that are durable, hypoallergenic and provide comfort, remembering that kids have soft and sensitive skin. Buying kids sheets that are smooth and soft to the touch like bamboo or cotton will ensure that your child’s skin will not be irritated by harsher textures.