King Size Blankets

What size is a king size blanket?

The standard size of a king bed blanket is 240cm x 260cm. The size you select may depend on your preference of overhang, the fabric of the blanket, or how thick your mattress is. A good rule of thumb is to always get a larger blanket size than the size of your mattress to allow for more comfort and room.

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King size blankets.

A premium and luxurious range of King Size Blankets to give you warmth and your bedroom distinct style, with many unique designs/brands to browse. Blankets are essential on any bed, particularly during the cooler months when warmth is essential.

When layered correctly, these blankets will go beneath the quilt and above the sheets, or optionally throw it over the top of the quilt as a spare form of bedding when necessary.

Should I buy a king size blanket for a queen bed?

You certainly can buy a king size blanket for a queen bed. The extra size makes it easier to cover the queen bed and tuck into the sides while giving you plenty of space to work with. Some may also prefer this looser fit for comfort purposes, and if there are two people sleeping in the same bed, it can give you both more leeway, especially when the night is cool. However, depending on the height of the bed frame itself, this king size may overhang too much on a queen bed, which can be unfashionable. Be sure to keep that in mind too!