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We all know blankets are not just for warmth - they are a cornerstone of style in your home! At Manchester Warehouse we stock a wide range of beautiful blankets creating comfort for the whole family. From thick plush wool blankets that are great companions for keeping warm, through to our lighter cotton blankets that promote comfortable breathability during spring and autumn, the ideal blanket comes down to season, use and your personal taste.

Blankets can be draped over couches, wrapped snugly around your little ones, or thrown across the foot of the bed. They are the ultimate combination of style and practicality. We have blankets to suit all sizes and if you have a King Sized Bed, remember to check out our range of Super King blankets for that super luxe feel. 

If our plush blankets still aren’t warm enough, check out our electric blanketspolar fleece blankets or even our traditional wool blankets. Feel like you need a heated throw rug to keep those chilly toes away? Snuggle up with one of our stylish throw rugs and a hot chocolate on a frosty winter’s eve.

We stock brands like Bambury and Bianca, and from soft throws to quilt covers and valances, Manchester Warehouse can cater to all your bedding needs.

Need the perfect pillow to go with your blanket? Explore our luxe collection of pillows in every price range to complete your peaceful night’s sleep. We also stock a gorgeous range of waffle blanketsbed sheetsquilts and doonas.


Blankets are the simplest way to add warmth to your bed, providing extra layers that are easily added and removed as required. They are typically quite plain, intended to go underneath your more decorative bedding. For throw rugs that are designed to add both style and warmth on top of your other layers of bedding, browse our throw rug range. Of course, throws and blankets are often used in conjunction with one another for the ultimate cosy bed.

Manchester Warehouse offers a superior range of blankets for your bedroom or living room. Want to find out more?

Sizes And Types Of Blankets

We stock blankets online in all sizes, including:

In general, we recommend that you stick to the blanket size that your mattress actually is rather than sizing up (because most people aren’t looking for overhang from a blanket), but of course if you do prefer some extra tuck or overhang you can also choose to go up a size.

The smallest and largest options are available in a more limited number of options than the standard sizes. For Super King blankets, try our Ardor Boudoir brand Lucia (available in a range of colours) or our Linen House waffle blanket. When you need to get warm fast, or wrap yourself up on the sofa, try our Indulgence Hooded Blanket or our Bambury Blanket Hoodies.

Our cot blankets, or baby blankets, are listed in our kids category rather than the blankets category, but are easy to find on site. We stock Bianca wool cot blankets in a variety of colours and Bianca polyester blankets in a soft velvet.

Colours And Styles Of Blankets

Because they are typically used under other bedding, blankets tend to come in plain colours rather than a range of different styles, however there are some exceptions. The Bambury Zuni blanket comes in a boho blanket style which could be used to create a bohemian inspired room.

Some of the most popular colours of blankets for sale include:

How To Choose The Right Blanket For You

The most common way to choose a blanket is by considering whether you are looking for a winter blanket to retain heat, a light summer blanket that is breathable, or an all seasons blanket. Perhaps you have allergies, are looking for are particular size, or are searching for something more decorative? Read on to find out everything you need to know about our extensive blanket range.

Summer Blankets And All Seasons Blankets

The most popular compositions for summer blankets are natural fibres like wool and cotton. While wool is often considered as a winter blanket composition, it is breathable as well as warm, and able to regulate temperature in a way that only natural fibres can. This means it is great for summer as well! If you’re buying blankets online in Australia you know how important this is, with such broad variations in our temperatures. 

Cotton is another great choice for Summer. Cotton woven blankets are very lightweight and breathable. As another natural fibre, cotton blankets can also be used for warmth in winter thanks to their superior temperature regulation properties. 

Winter Blankets

We know how important it is to be able to rug up on a cold winter's night, in your bed or on the lounge, and that's why we stock a variety of warm winter blankets in a number of compositions. The most popular materials for warm blankets for winter include:

Electric Blankets

An electric blankets is a must have for when that extra bit of warmth is needed, and at Manchester Warehouse, we stock the most reliable and safe electric blankets. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing an electric blanket, but we’re here to help! Besides the basics of heating your bed, there are a number of features that are available for electric blankets. These include:

  • Multiple heat settings
  • Timer for automatic switch off, for comfort and safety
  • Removable controls to allow for machine washing
  • Safety features such as overheat protection systems
  • Different heat ‘zones’, so that different parts of the bed can be different temperatures. Typically that is the two sides of the bed, but some electric blankets also have separate zones for feet and body
  • Smart electric blankets or programmable electric blankets can be set to preheat to a certain temperature at a specific time.



What are the best blankets if I really feel the cold?

The best blankets to keep out the cold are wool, polyester, velvet, mink, and plush blankets. Choose wool if it’s important to you that the fabric is a natural fibre.

What blankets are best if I’m a hot sleeper?

Natural fibres like cotton and wool regulate temperature well because they are breathable. These are a great choice if you’re a hot sleeper or if you are looking for a blanket that can be used year-round, in both warm and cold weather.

What if my partner and I have different warmth/cold requirements?

Because natural fibres are so good at regulating temperature, offering both warmth and breathability, cotton and wool blankets will be the best choice for those with differing warmth/cold requirements from their partner. Avoid polyester if you or your partner run hot, as it locks in heat.

What blankets are best if I have allergies?

If you suffer from allergies, natural fibres like wool and cotton can be a good option, as they are hypoallergenic. Of course, if you happen to be allergic to wool, don’t choose a woollen blanket! Polyester can be a better choice for many people. It all depends what your allergies are.

What blankets are best for kids?

Young kids don’t always know when they are overheating and may not have the ability to kick the blanket off if they are uncomfortable. Choose natural fibres like cotton and wool that are breathable to help keep your little ones comfortable and safe. Materials like polyester can trap in warmth and make kids too hot.

What blankets are best if I like some weight on me when sleeping?

Wool is a heavier material and a great choice if you like to feel the weight of a blanket on you in the night. Cotton and polyester are lighter options, so choose these if you prefer not to feel the weight of the blanket. Always check the GSM listed online - the higher the GSM (grams per square metre), the heavier the blanket. We also have a range of weighted blankets for you who like some weight when sleeping.

At Manchester Warehouse we sell blankets or wool blankets Australia wide, shipping our range of blankets Melbourne to Perth and Hobart to Cairns every day for the low flat rate of $9.95.