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Latex Pillows

Are latex pillows good?

Latex pillows are often used to utilize their mildew-resistant, durable, hypoallergenic, and anti-fungal properties, which makes them very suitable for those with allergies or those who frequently sweat as they sleep. They maintain their shape after use, don't require any fluffing, and can be a good alternative for optimal comfort and hygiene health. They are particularly durable, and while they may feel softer than memory foam, they are no less durable or supportive. If you love the feel of memory pillows but not their firmness, latex pillows may be a better option for you.


Latex pillows are like the eco-version of memory foam. While both are comfy and form to your body (thanks to the heat our bodies produce), latex comes from rubber, a natural material, while memory foam is a synthetic material. Aside from being a sustainable pillow, latex is also quite durable. Cotton and polyester pillows can wear down over time. Latex on the other hand can hold their shape for ten years or more, making it a good pillow to invest in.

Latex pillows offer head, neck, and shoulder relief thanks to their support and comfort. This makes for a better alignment while you sleep, and helps to relieve pain in those common areas.

Manchester Warehouse offers a variety of latex pillows. With standard sizes, you can replace your current pillow and experience a quality night’s rest with a new latex option. Our Latex Pillows Australia are designed for comfort, safety, and durability - perfect for any type of sleeper.

How long should you keep a latex pillow?

With its shape-retaining strength and durability, a latex pillow can last a significant length of time. How long you should keep one depends greatly on your individual sleeping habits, maintenance, and the quality of the pillow itself, which is why we always recommend purchasing from a reputable brand. All of our latex pillows at Manchester Warehouse are sourced from well-known, high-quality brands like John Cotton and Logan & Mason Lifestyle. If properly cared for, a premium latex pillow typically lasts 2-4 years.

Can latex pillows be washed?

You can wash your latex pillows, but keep in mind some designs may come with a removable cover that can be washed separately instead. If you are washing the pillow itself, we recommend sponging the soiled areas, use a normal spin with similar colours, and don't bleach, soak, tumble dry, iron, dry clean, or wring for the best care. Always wash your latex pillow separately before the first use