Linen Cushions

What styles of linen cushions are there?

Linen cushions come in a wide variety of styles and designs. At Manchester Warehouse, we have select brands with unique colours, patterns, and more - for example, simple stripes, solid colours, fringed edges, and even button accents. When choosing a linen cushion, take your living room decor and colour scheme into consideration for the perfect display.

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Linen cushions.

It's the little accents that count the most - our luxury Linen Cushions Australia will make any living space feel genuinely like home with its iconic texture and strength.

Is linen good for cushions?

Linen is a strong, highly absorbent fabric that is used frequently in the creation of cushions. It is well-known for its natural sheen texture as well as its durability, which can hold up after many washes. Linen is a wild type of fibre, which also makes it an ideal fabric choice for those who have quite sensitive skin. With these facts in mind, linen is excellent for cushions and therefore makes a wonderful addition to the sofa, armchair, or any chair as a decorative accent or comfort piece.

How do you wash your linen cushions?

To wash your linen cushions, we suggest a cold, gentle machine wash with similar colours with no bleaching, soaking, tumble drying, or dry cleaning. Turn the pillow inside out before washing to maintain its integrity, and always remove the insert before proceeding. A normal spin will do just fine, followed up by line drying in the shade after its wash.

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