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Linen Pillowcases

Is linen good for pillowcases?

Linen is recommended as a fabric for pillowcases due to its durability and antibacterial qualities. Linen is also quite easy to wash due to its hardy nature and will keep strong over many washes. Linen is gentle on sensitive skin and can be safely used for those with acne-prone skin as well, especially if the linen pillowcases are premium made. All of the brands and products available on Manchester Warehouse are carefully selected for their quality and reputation.


Don't let frizzy hair, bacteria, or sweat get in the way of a good night's sleep with our top-quality Linen Pillowcases.

What are the benefits of linen pillowcases?

Linen pillowcases are renowned for their antibacterial nature, integrity, and natural texture. However, you will also find that they don't often cause your hair to frizz due to their anti-static quality. Linen is also capable of absorbing a lot of moisture without feeling damp - this, combined with its antibacterial nature, prevents germs from building up as well. Overall, linen is remarkably high quality and is often considered a luxury fabric over cotton, for example.

How do I wash linen pillowcases?

Despite being durable, you should always keep a strict washing regime for your linen pillowcases. Turn them inside out before you wash them, and we suggest washing them separately before the first use. Use a cold, gentle machine wash on a normal spin and rinse well. Don't soak, bleach, dry clean, or tumble dry. Line dry them in the shade, and they are ready for the next use. Be sure to read the manufacturer's care instructions just in case they have specific directions.