Linen Quilt Covers

Is linen good for quilt covers?

There are many advantages to linen quilt covers beyond their luxurious look. Linen fabric is bacteria resistant and anti-allergenic, so it’s incredibly safe for kids or people with skin sensitivities. Linen is also known for its breathability, so it will keep you warm when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot for the most comfortable and undisturbed sleep. A linen quilt cover will also last decades beyond cotton bedding, making it one of the greatest investments for your bedroom as it gets stronger and softer with each wash. Lastly, made from renewable resources, linen is also extremely environmentally friendly.

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Linen quilt cover and doona covers.

If you need your next bedroom makeover, a linen quilt cover Australia is a perfect bed essential for a classic look with all of the comfort. Linen quilt covers deliver the most style and comfort, which is why a quality linen quilt cover set has always been a popular option for bedding.

How do you choose a good linen quilt cover?

Once you decide you want a linen quilt cover, you now have to find the right one to fit your bedroom’s style. Choose colours that match your bedroom theme, and feel free to mix and match different sheets to a good linen quilt cover. Manchester Warehouse offers a top-quality collection of luxurious linen quilt covers for king, queen, and full-size beds, in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from.

What is the best way to wash your linen quilt cover?

When loading your linen quilt cover into the washing machine, choose a warm wash under a permanent press cycle and use regular detergent. When your linen quilt cover is done washing, dry it in medium heat for about 15 minutes. Then, remove it while it’s still slightly damp to finish with air drying. Air drying will help to prevent wrinkles as it continues to dry.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock linen quilt cover or linen doona cover Australia from a range of leading brands in various sizes and colours, you can check our complete quilt covers in case you need more.