Luxury Sheets

What are the most luxurious sheets made of?

In the world of bedding, the most luxurious sheets are typically made from premium cotton or silk - however, the true "luxury" quality of sheets, regardless of their fabric, comes from the manufacturing process and how premium their sources are. Many praise Supima, Linen and Cotton with 1000THC for being particularly luxurious.

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Luxurious sheets.

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Which cotton sheets are most luxurious?

When it comes to which cotton sheets are the most luxurious, it's time to consider the brand you are purchasing from as well as the type of cotton they use. At Manchester Warehouse, we only source luxury sheets from reputable brands known for their customer satisfaction and premium products. You will also find that certain cotton sheets differ in their style of stitching which can contribute to their look/feel. Opt for cotton that is praised for its sense of luxury, such as the Private Collection Supima cotton sheets that we offer.

What's a good thread count on sheets?

A good thread count for sheets, especially luxury bed sheets, is typically 1,000. While you may find many that have a thread count below that, it's important to know that "luxury" is different and offers better quality, durability, and appearance over long-term use. A 1,000 thread count on luxury sheets help make subtle improvements such as a more secure grip when fitted to a bed and a less wrinkled appearance after washing/drying. However, the quality of any luxury sheets is also greatly impacted by the manufacturer/brand, fabric, how you care for them, and many other factors. You may also prefer a specific thread count depending on your requirements for breathability, softness, and other qualities. You can also check our wide range of Bed Sheets for more options.