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Live like royalty with our Luxury Towels Australia. Their plush texture, outstanding performance, and excellent durability will make you feel like the queen or king that you are.

What makes a towel luxurious?

Luxury towels are a special experience that gives users a classy, elegant, and royal feeling when touched or used. Typically, towels considered "luxurious" often weigh over 600 GSM and feature highly absorbent properties and a plush sensation. This contributes to their visual appeal and the sensual experience you get when drying off after a shower or bath. You can get dry fast and in total comfort. When you feel exceptional comfort and elegance, luxury has been achieved.

How can you tell a good quality towel?

You can always determine the quality of a towel by the brand's reputation, the towel weight (above 600 GSM), and the material used. You'll want to find one that uses a high-quality and luxurious material like organic cotton that is certified and designed with care. All of the brands we offer at Manchester Warehouse are selected for their reputation and high-quality standards - Seneca, for example, is a perfect choice for this with their luxury towels.

What are the luxurious towels available at Manchester Warehouse?

Our Luxury Towels Australia features various towels that include varying sizes and pieces for different uses. Seneca Home is one of the most popular luxury towels brand, renowned for its commitment to top customer satisfaction by designing beautiful, cosy, and durable towels. You can take a look at our entire Bath Towels collection for even more options.